Guilty Gear Strive: New Season Pass 1 DLC Character Revealed

Jack O'
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A new DLC character will be available in Guilty Gear Strive on August 27. Her name is Jack-O’ and she is the second character of the Season Pass 1, following the arrival of Goldlewis Dickinson a few weeks ago.

Jack-O’ is an artificial life-form created by Asuka R. Kreutz as a means of preventing the revival of Justice, the herald of destruction.

Justice, for those who do not know, was created using Aria Hale as the base. Jack-O’ has prevented Justice’s awakening by fusing herself with the soul of Aria within Justice. As such, Aria Hale’s soul was restored inside Jack-O’.

Because Aria’s consciousness is incomplete or hasn’t fully manifested yet, this left Jack-O’ in an unstable state. So even though Jack-O’ looks like an adult woman, she acts like a child whenever her emotions get the best of her.

To hide her true feelings and maintain composure during combat, Jack-O’ wears a special mask that is akin to the Jack-O’ lantern used during the Halloween season.

Those who have acquired Season Pass 1 are assured to get five characters in total. Another character will be released later this year, while the remaining two are slated for release next year.

According to the Season Pass 1 Roadmap, the fourth character will be introduced with an additional Battle Stage.

The fifth and final character will be accompanied by another Battle stage followed by another story arc.

Possible Playstyle

On Reddit, fans are speculating what her overall capabilities are. The video shows Jack-O’ commanding her minions to attack. One user added that the minions have parried Sol Badguy’s attack in the video and have put him in a staggered state.

Redditor @Cyborgninja762 said that Jack O’s minions may potentially absorb projectiles.

Some fans speculate that developers may create a mechanic where players may be able to switch between Jack O’s personalities, which may be depicted by her having a mask on or off.

In the video, there are instances where she can be seen fighting while wearing a mask. This theory makes sense as the reveal trailer also shows the words "Trick or/and Treat," and then, showcasing her without a mask on.

Anyway, those who have Season Pass 1 can use Jack O’ on August 27. Those who do not have the Season Pass can play her on August 30.

Guilty Gear Strive is available on PS4, PS5, and PC.

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