Guardians Frontline: Latest Update Lets Players Crush Enemies Using a Tank

Vehicles & Tech Update VirtualAge

Guardians Frontline is a promising sci-fi VR shooter developed by VirtualAge. The premise is simple: you play as a Guardian who is tasked to defend the galactic federation against alien threats. While this game can be played solo, you can also play Guardians Frontline with your friends thanks to its co-op mode. But if you're the competitive type, there's an 8v8 PvP mode for you to enjoy!

Anyway, the company released Update 1 recently, aka Vehicles & Tech, which added tons of new content and improvements. There are two new vehicles that you can ride in this patch, the Tank and the Hover Bike. The former is a two-seater armored vehicle that can easily crush aliens that come your way. The latter is a light vehicle that you can use to get to a desired location in no time.

Another neat addition to the game is the Medic Gun. This weapon has three unique features. First, you can use this to eliminate enemies by draining their HP to zero. Second, it can repair units and cure allies. And lastly, it can revive fallen guardians with its projectile.

For improvements, Guardians Frontline now has a social tab that lists your friends in-game. Moreover, teleport points are now numbered in the mini-map for better legibility.


New Units

  • Scorpio LvL2: Very fast and light unit with high rate of fire but relatively low range. Kill them as soon as you see them!

New Tech Tree Items

  • Bow L1: Explosive Arrows
  • Bow L2: Teleport Arrow
  • Sniper AK8 L1: +2 bullets
  • Sniper AK8 L2: Bullet (damages up to five units in a row)
  • Drone L2: Repair Drone (automatically repairs nearby units)
  • Mine L1: Smart trigger (it only fires against enemies)
  • Mine L2: +30% damage

New Avatars

  • Added 5 new female avatars!
  • Added a new Red Guardian as a galaxy reward

Galaxy Improvements

  • Planet Modifiers: We have added planet modifiers that Guardians and Bugs can buy. Modifiers are lost when the opposing faction conquers the planet.
  • Top Contributors: You can now check who are the top contributors to each planet and the whole galaxy.
  • News report: Added a new section to show the latest news from the front.

New and Improved Stuff

  • Head lights: Map makers can now enable headlights in some maps. Beware that the lights have a performance cost, so please only use it in simple maps.
  • Added a new "friends only" filter to the join games list.
  • Added a "Last played" list in the Social tab.
  • Avatars now launch auto calibration when selecting them in the mirror.
  • Added new text notifying the map maker that they need to win the map to publish it.
  • Improved STEAM Haptics: this should fix the index controllers issue losing tracking sometimes.
  • The dropship can now move backwards in hover mode
  • Improved the network position smoothing of the tank and mech
  • Added a galaxy badge icon to the editor maps list so you know which of your maps are part of the galaxy
  • Added a hover bike to Snow Hill and Tank to Snow Rescue

Guardians Frontline is available via Meta Quest and Steam VR.

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