League of Legends: Patch 13.10 Reworks Duskblade of Draktharr and Youmuu's Ghostblade

Patch 13.10 Riot Games

League of Legends developers implemented a lot of item balancing changes in the recently released Patch 13.10, aka the midseason update.

Assassins in League of Legends can find great benefit from the newly reworked Duskblade of Draktharr. This item's unique passive, Nightstalker, no longer empowers your next basic attack against an enemy champion. Instead, your abilities deal up to an additional 15% bonus damage based on the target's missing health, maximized at 20% remaining HP. Besides that, Nightstalker doesn't make you invisible anymore, rather you become untargetable by non-structures when a champion you have damaged within the past three seconds dies. Keep in mind that this effect is broken when you do anything that would normally have you exit stealth. To avoid abuse, this effect has a 10-second cooldown.

Another notably buffed item in this update is Youmuu's Ghostblade. This is now classified as a mythic item and the cost of making it has increased slightly from 3,000 to 3,100. But more importantly, its Haunt passive has been reworked. Now, moving around will generate Spectral Shards that stack up to 100. You not only gain 40 bonus movement speed at maximum stacks, but also get 8 to 20 Lethality based on level. The Spectral Shard stacks reset a few seconds after dealing damage to an enemy champion while at maximum stacks. Lethality is a stat that factors into the calculation of armor penetration. As you can see, Youmuu's Ghostblade has essentially become a viable endgame item for assassins that want to burst enemies down, while also enjoying high mobility to boot.

Patch 13.10 features other item changes too, including:


  • (NEW) Unique Passive - Engorge: While above 50% Health, gain an additional 10-40 Attack Damage (based on level).


  • (NEW) Bonus Movement Speed: 7%

Immortal Shieldbow

  • Tier Change: Mythic Tier > Legendary Tier
  • (REMOVED) Attack Speed: 20% > 0 (Removed)
  • Unique Passive - Lifeline Shield Strength: If you would take damage that would reduce you below 30% of your maximum health, you first gain a 250-630 (based on level) shield for 3 seconds. > If you would take damage that would reduce you below 30% of your maximum health, you first gain a 215-500 (based on level) shield for 3 seconds. (Note: Lifeline's shield is back loaded toward later levels.)
  • Unique Passive - Lifeline Bonus Stats: When Lifeline is triggered the user gains 15-35 AD for 8 seconds. > When Lifeline is triggered the user gains 30% Attack Speed for 8 seconds.

Infinity Edge

  • Tier Change: Legendary Tier > Mythic Tier
  • (NEW) Mythic Passive: Empowers each of your other Legendary items with 5 Attack Damage

Kraken Slayer

  • Tier Change: Mythic Tier > Legendary Tier
  • (NEW) Unique Passive - Bring It Down: Every third Attack applies 20 + 60% Total AD + 45% AP bonus magic damage. Subsequent triggers on the same target within 6 seconds increases this damage by 50% (Up to a maximum of 100% increased damage).

League of Legends Patch 13.10 is available on PC.

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