GTA Online Weekly Update: Earn Triple Rewards From Select Game Modes

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Motor Wars is paying TRIPLE the GTA$ and RP rewards this week!
Motor Wars is paying TRIPLE the GTA$ and RP rewards this week! Rockstar

GTA Online’s weekly update is here again, and there are opportunities to earn a ton of GTA$ and RP with select game modes. Premium races hare back as well, along with the standard list of discounted items.

If you want to make the most of this week in GTA Online, you’ll want to stick to Rockstar’s take on Battle Royale. Motor Wars is paying out with triple the GTA$ and RP rewards. That’s right, triple! Motor Wars features up to 28 players on two to four teams, so grab a buddy and start earning that cash.

If you don’t want to play Motor Wars, there are still plenty of other opportunities for extra rewards. Players can earn double the GTA$ and RP by playing Vehicle Vendetta and Hunting Pack (Remix) this week. Additionally, all Gunrunning Sales missions payout with double the GTA$. As an added bonus, there’s a 25 percent boost in Gunrunning Research missions this week as well.

If you want to race, be sure to check out the list of Premium races this week in GTA Online. These races cost GTA$20,000 to enter, but grabbing first place earns you GTA$100,000. Second place finishers rake in GTA$30,000, and third place finishers win their GTA$20,000 back. The schedule for Premium races this week is as follows:

  • April 4: Down the Drain (locked to Muscle)

  • April 5 - 8: Across the Wilderness (locked to Off-Road)

  • April 9 - 10: Arms Race (locked to Super)

If you’re looking to spend all your new-found wealth in a smart way, be sure to check out the discounted items this week in GTA Online. There aren’t many big sales right now, but there are a number of vehicles for 40 percent off. The full list of items on sale this week includes:

  • HVY Insurgent Pick-Up Custom – 40 percent off
  • Ocelot Stromberg – 40 percent off
  • HVY APC – 40 percent off
  • Nagasaki Street Blazer – 40 percent off
  • Rhino Tank – 40 percent off
  • Mobile Operations Center – 40 percent off
  • Mobile Operations Center Bays and Renovations – 40 percent off
  • Bunkers – 30 percent off
  • Bunker Add-Ons and Renovations – 30 percent off
  • Hangars – 30 percent off
  • Hangar Workshop – 30 percent off

So what do you think? Are you ready to play Motor Wars in GTA Online this week? What game modes would you like to see highlighted next week? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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