GTA Online Weekly Update: Can You Grab the Panther Statue and Survive Cayo Perico?

Time to plan for another heist.
Time to plan for another heist. Rockstar Games

Stories going around GTA Online say that a certain El Rubio may have added a new and rather valuable Panther Statue to his already sizable art collection. There’s no question that it’s going to be tightly guarded. However, if you manage to get it, and a few others, out of Cayo Perico, then a substantial reward is waiting for you.

For this week, all hosts of The Cayo Perico Heist can scout the Panther Statue as the Primary Target on their first playthrough. Learn more about the Cayo Perico Heist here.

Triple and Double Rewards

This week is a good time to help Paige Harris finish Client Jobs, all of which is giving out double rewards. Across Los Santos, the dance floors remain to be jam-packed with the liquor flowing freely. For this week, finishing Nightclub Management Missions increases your popularity twofold which in turn should pay out nicely since all Nightclub Daily Income is tripled.

Motor Wars also continue to give out 3X GTA$ and RP to those who join the fight.

Free Items

Also for this week, playing GTA Online anytime gives players a bunch of free items, such as the Tale of Us Stacked Logo Tee, White Solomun Logo Tee, Dixon Glitch Logo Tee, and The Blessed Madonna We Believe Tee.

Players who reach at least Rank 100 get an additional free item this week: the Orange Shade Camo livery that they can use for the HVY Menacer armored SUV.

Top Prize

Like any other week, don’t forget to visit The Diamond Casino & Resort and spin the Lucky Wheel for a chance to win prizes like GTA$, RP, clothing, and mystery rewards. The top prize up for grab this week is the Canis Freecrawler.


This week is a good way to join the party scene with Nightclubs being offered at 40% off. Meanwhile, their upgrades and modifications are available at a 30% discount. Other discounts offered are:

  • Dinka Jester Classic (40% off)
  • Ocelot Pariah (40% off)
  • Vapid Festival Bus (40% off)
  • Blimp (40% off)
  • Pfister Neon (40% off)
  • Ocelot Lynx (40% off)
  • HVY Menacer (40% off)
  • Overflod Entity XF (40% off)
  • HVY Brickade (40% off)

Prime Gaming

Finally, we head over to Prime Gaming. Besides the discounts already offered this week, members get to enjoy 80% off both the Ocelot Jugular and Enus Stafford. There is a 35% discount as well on the Veto Modern go-kart.

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