GTA Online Weekly Update: A New Sports Car Is Here, Plus Double Cash Across Smuggling And Gunrunning Activities

Enjoy huge discounts on everything related to the trading front.
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Rockstar Games has announced its weekly content update for Grand Theft Auto Online.
Rockstar Games has announced its weekly content update for Grand Theft Auto Online. Rockstar Games

It’s time for another weekly update for GTA Online, and for this installment we’ve got a brand-new premium sports car on the loose, tons of rewards and other benefits for those who will brave the gunrunning and smuggling scene, discounts and freebies to everyone who will be logging in, and of course the weekly benefits coming to Twitch Prime members.

First things first, literally, as a contender for the land speed record makes its way to GTA Online. With its open-top goodness and tons of security features at hand, there’s no better way to say you’re a daredevil than with the brand-new Ocelot Locust sports car. This no-holds barred and zero-compromise beast is now available for purchase at Legendary Motorsport.

With each week in GTA Online there’s always a new high-risk, high-reward line of work to focus on, and for this week those who fancy themselves ‘lords of war’ can make some mean dough. For the entire week through September 4, Gunrunning Sell Missions will be paying out twice the GTA$ reward, while Gunrunning Research will be running faster at 2X speed during the same period. Just take to your hidden underground bunker or nightclub warehouse in order to start on those missions.

Also paying out big time this week is the life of a contraband connoisseur, as Special Cargo Sales and Smuggler's Cargo Sales will be doling out double the GTA$ for the entire week. If you want something a little more exciting – and ultimately dangerous – then head on out to the Bunker Series blip on your map and earn Double GTA$ & RP on the Bunker Series, including fan-favorite subterranean skirmishes like Juggernaut and Every Bullet Counts.

Players looking to get some freebies this week need only log-in to get a complimentary Ocelot Tee, just so you can let people know you drive an Ocelot. To add to that, players logging in by September 4 can get the Sessanta Nove Monogram and Sessanta Nove Multi-Color Liveries for the HVY Barrage, HVY APC and the Pegassi Oppressor, all for free.

Spinning at the lobby of The Diamond this week is the Cheval Taipan supercar, which you have a chance to take home by spinning the Lucky Wheel, as well as the opportunity to score GTA$, RP, clothing and more.

It’s not a GTA Online week without some massive discounts, and for this week players can take 40 percent off on the following:

  • Bunkers
  • Bunker Renovations & Addons
  • Hangars
  • Hangar Workshop
  • Hangar Renovations & Addons
  • V-65 Molotok (Plane)
  • Mammoth Thruster (Military)
  • HVY Barrage (Military)
  • HVY APC (Military)
  • Overflod Entity XXR (Super)
  • Coil Cyclone (Super)
  • Ocelot Lynx (Sports)

Twitch Prime members also get 75 percent off both the Akula and the HVY Menacer, as well as an additional 10 percent off all the items listed above.

GTA Online is now available to play on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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