GTA Online Weekly Update: It's Time to Pull Off Some Heists

It's heist time.
It's heist time. Rockstar Games

There are different types of criminals and in GTA Online this November, we're celebrating those able to commit truly magnificent acts of robbery and fraud. For this week, everyone is invited to take on classic Heists and try to pull off raids on targets across Los Santos and Blaine County. Those looking for a challenge can try The Doomsday Heist to see if they can prevent total destruction at the hands of a rather eccentric billionaire.

What do you get for doing them? Here's what you can expect:

  • 2X GTA$ and RP on all Setup Missions for all classic Heists for November.
  • 1.5X GTA$ and RP on all Prep Missions in The Doomsday Heist for November.
  • Complete all the Heist Finales within the next three weeks to receive a lump-sum bonus of GTA$2,000,000.

Meanwhile, those who want to polish their skills can try and finish The Fleeca Job. Those who do so earn double rewards this week. Players who are GTA+ members get an extra 50% GTA$.

Extra Doomsday Bonuses

Going back to The Doomsday Heist, for this week, operators can earn an additional 50% GTA$ and RP as well as the Cliffford Hoodie. In addition, the setup costs for The Data Breaches, The Bogdan Problem, and The Doomsday Scenario are offered at 50% discount. Meanwhile, Gas Masks used during The Doomsday Heist are available at 35% off.

By the way, those able to breach successfully a submarine and complete The Bogdan Problem this week get the Cliffford Varsity bomber jacket.

Double Rewards

In addition to Heists, there are other modes offering double rewards this week. There's Street Races where you can enjoy this reward whether you finish first or last. Twice the GTA$ and RP on Hunting Pack (Remix) is also offered. This is a high-speed tension of the original Hunting Pack.

The Showrooms

If planning for the heists are stressing you out, why not head over to the showrooms to see what they have on offer. The Luxury Autos Showroom has the Übermacht SC1 and Lampadati Viseris available this week.

The Premium Deluxe Motorsport showroom has these:

  • The Karin Sultan RS Classic painted Torino Red.
  • A Bleached Brown Vapid Hustler with the Basic Pinstripe livery equipped.
  • The Übermacht Sentinel Classic in Bluish Silver with Racing Blue Pearlescent.
  • A Black and Pearlescent Race Yellow Albany Hermes with the Ghost Flames livery.
  • The Übermacht Cypher dripping in an Olive Green paint job and wrapped in the Fleeca Circuit livery, which is only available for a limited time.

Check out what else is happening this week here. GTA Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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