GTA Online Weekly Update: Biker Activities Take Center Stage With Double GTA$ Opportunities

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Get double the GTA$ and RP this week for competing on Deadline events in GTA Online Rockstar

Get ready to hit the street with your motorcycle this week in GTA Online, as motorcycle-themed game modes and events are paying out with double the GTA$ and RP rewards. There are also new items on sale, and a new shirt to unlock.

The big mode to focus in this week in GTA Online is Deadline. This mode is more or less the lightcycles from the movie TRON . Drive the futuristic Nagasaki Shotaro and create a wall of light behind you wherever you drive. If an enemy touches your light wall, he or she is destroyed. Make sure you avoid the walls created by other players! If you’re the last one alive, you walk away with the big bucks.

Deadline is rewarding players with double the GTA$ and RP through March 20.

That’s not the only way to earn extra cash this week. All Biker Business Sales are coughing up double the GTA$ as well. Lastly, all Club Work and Challenges are rewarding players with double the GTA$ and RP this week. Be sure to get some Joust and Search and Destroy missions completed with your MC to really take advantage of these offers.

If you want to make the most of your new-found cash, the following items are for sale through March 20:

  • MC Clubhouses - 50 percent off

  • MC Clubhouse Renovations - 50 percent off

  • MC Clubhouse Bike Shop - 50 percent off

  • MC Business Properties - 50 percent off

  • Western Gargoyle - 30 percent off

  • Pegassi Oppressor Mk II - 30 percent off

  • Shitzu Hakachou Drag - 30 percent off

  • Pegassi Vortex - 30 percent off

  • Pegassi Bati 801 - 30 percent off

  • Nagasaki Shotaro - 40 percent off (Play a round of Deadline to unlock for purchase)

These Steel Horse and Western shirts are free in GTA Online this week Photo: Rockstar

As one last freebie, Rockstar is giving away two in-game T-Shirts for characters to wear. This week’s shirts include the white Steel Horse logo shirt and the black Western logo shirt. All you have to do to unlock these is log into GTA Online at any time during the week, and they will be delivered to your inventory free of charge.

So what do you think? Are you excited to hop up on your motorcycle and milk this week’s GTA Online update for all its worth? What would you like to see highlighted for next week? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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