GTA Online Update: Catch the Most Wanted in Bottom Dollar Bail Enforcement

Time to go after the most wanted of Los Santos. Rockstar Games

The latest update in GTA Online is now live. In Bottom Dollar Bounties, the notorious bounty hunter Maude Eccles has decided to take a step back and offering a chance to those interested in handing out justice.

As the new lead dog for Bottom Dollar Bail Enforcement, you'll need to link up with the Junior Assistant Bounty Hunter in training who's none other than Maude's daughter Jenette. Together you'll have to run this clean-up crew and bring taking down a wide range of valuable targets, that include some of the Most Wanted in Southern San Andreas. In this newest update to the game, you'll need to track down and haul in those dangerous miscreants by making use of whatever method there is.

Getting Started

To get things started, you'll need to have a Bottom Dollar Bail Enforcement Office. From there you should have everything you need to bring in those bounties and earn a hero's wage. Once Maude makes contact, you'll need to drop by the Maze Bank Foreclosures and choose from an assortment of available locations. Each one comes with a Bail Enforcement System computer that lists available targets for you to choose from. There's going to be three Standard Targets and one Most Wanted Target.

The office also has a holding cell where you can temporarily place those you've managed to catch. There's also CCTV access and even a safe. You can also look forward to a garage space which has enough space for two Personal Vehicles along with the Bottom Dollar-branded Bail Enforcement van. Of course, you can also customize the office by selecting one of three different styles. You can even hire as much as two extra staff members to increase efficiency. Be sure to place a gun locker and have armor plating for the van.

The Most Wanted

As mentioned, there are two types of targets available. Standard Targets are your typical garden variety lowlifes. The Most Wanted Targets meanwhile are those that are in upper echelon of criminal scum. This means the likes of CEOs, movie stars, and legendary street racers, to name a few. While Most Wanted Targets can only be completed once per day, you can catch as many Standard Targets as you want.

Now remember that this is Los Santos and not the Wild West. This means the targets, whether Standard or Most Wanted, are more valuable alive than dead. In most cases, it's going to be better to use non-lethal equipment like the Stun Gun.

What do you think? Ready to deliver justice? If you want some low-key work then you can do Dispatch Work which you can read more about here.

GTA Online is available for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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