GTA Online: Check Out What's Coming in This Month's Update

A big change coming soon.
A big change coming soon. Rockstar Games

The year is almost over but GTA Online players still have something to look forward to this month. Now, for those who can remember, back in July, there were changes made to improve the gameplay experience. Based on what was done at that time, a new update should arrive later this month and one of its features affects Freemode.

Heists Update

Before we look into some of the improvements, let's do a quick recap on what happened to The Heists Challenge. The target this year is to have a cumulative grand total of GTA$2 trillion and the community more than delivered with the final count of GTA$4 trillion.

So, once the upcoming update goes live, all players get access to the retro-styled Declasse Tahoma Coupe.

Updates Coming

Here are the improvements from the upcoming update:

  • General Improvements
    • It's now possible to get to your favorite iFruit Contacts faster.
    • The Benefactor Terrorbyte can be used to launch Business Sell Missions in all Session types.
    • You can now take on Agatha’s Casino Story Missions as a solo operator.
    • PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X to add ray-traced reflections through the Fidelity Mode graphics setting.
  • Vehicle Updates
    • New vehicle purchases arrive in the Garage faster than before.
    • Select Custom Weaponized Vehicles can now be used in Races, where appropriate.
    • Bicycles are added to the list of vehicles that can be requested from the Personal Garage when calling the Mechanic.
    • Players on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S can enjoy full access to Hao’s Special Works without the need to complete Hao’s introductory race.
  • Economy Updates
    • Completing Vehicle Cargo Sell Missions in Public Sessions now award a High Demand Bonus.
    • Payouts on Smuggler’s Sell Missions are permanently tripled.
    • Expect an across-the-board increase in the GTA$ value of all Shark Cards.

A New War

Be ready for some chaos as the Los Santos Drug Wars starts December 13. Once it goes live, head to Blaine County and team up with Nervous Ron and a new group of out-of-state misfits on a quest to put their stamp on the Los Santos psychedelics trade. Keep a lookout on an unlikely coalition of wealthy hippies and trigger-happy bikers. If this sounds exciting, there's more coming because this is just the opening chapter of a rather expansive new two-part story.

GTA Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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