GTA Online’s The Contract Now Available

Dr. Dre is in the house!
Dr. Dre is in the house! Rockstar Games

The Contract is now live in GTA Online, and that means everyone now has the chance to team up with one of the famous hustlers of Los Santos. This new adventure can be played solo or with groups and features none other than Franklin Clinton of Grand Theft Auto V. He’s part of F. Clinton & Partner, a celebrity solutions Agency. As a manager, Franklin is more than ready to solve the problems hounding many of the high rollers of Los Santos.

In particular, players get to work with new and familiar faces like Lamar Davis and Imani, the in-house hacker of the Agency. Making things more exciting is that the first A-List client contract is to help Dr. Dre.

Helping the Doctor

The hot topic on the street is the stolen phone of Dr. Dre which is said to contain some of his never-before-heard music. Players need to find it before everything is leaked to the public. This contract can make or break the Agency and it may result in the player’s hands getting dirty.

To learn more about the unreleased tracks, players can take a look inside Record A Studios and see Dr. Dre work his magic.

The Agency

As a part of F. Clinton & Partner, players get access to a new multi-floor and state-of-the-art office space. This property has office space for the team with a dedicated lower level for vehicle storage. Players can add modifications with an Armory while a Vehicle Workshop gives access to a new range of modifications ideal for completing those client contracts.

While the Agency’s first contract is indeed big, they remain to be new to the scene. So, players have to pick up and complete Security Contracts to get experience and improve credibility. After finishing some of these contracts, Franklin is going to tell players that the Agency actually does some dirty work. It’s all about Payphone Hits, which are off-the-books and street-level assassination where bonuses are handed out for those who follow specific instructions. The Agency also has a Concierge service where players can call Franklin and Imani.

Overall, there's a lot of new things in The Contract like MOTOMAMI Los Santos. Learn more about it here. The Contract arrives in the game along with the weekly update and some good changes. Read more about it here.

GTA Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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