GTA Online: Be Part of the New Community Series

Good news for creators.
Good news for creators. Rockstar Games

A new Community Series is now available in GTA Online, which celebrates the talented creators of the community. It can be launched from Legion Square and offers a curated playlist of expertly constructed Jobs. This iteration of the Series features seven high-octane Races:

  • !_Dazerś Rally_! by DANGERAWESOMETOE
  • UP the Balloon by gomatako53
  • Terminal 66 by Streetmachine66
  • 13 Trees Crash Circle by teltow
  • Little Seoul Raceway by EnigmaT1m

In addition to enjoying new races, players can also receive 2X GTA$ and RP for the entire week, along with a lump sum bonus of GTA$200,000. To get these rewards, players simply need to join any three Community Series Jobs.

Moving forward, players can expect Jobs to be cycled periodically in and out of the Series. For those who think they’ve made something special and that it’s worthy to be featured in the Community Series, just put it in on Social Club and Twitter and use the #CommunitySeries. Don’t forget to provide a link to the job.

Deathmatch Creator Update

Also, for this week, players can access the Deathmatch Creator and its tools to create new game types. Players should be happy to know that the Deathmatch Creator Tutorial has been updated to help them through the new additions, including:

  • Customization and modification options to define player inventories.
  • Alter team balancing.
  • Control starting health.
  • Hide player blips.
  • Change movement speeds.

To highlight just what the tools are capable of, there are six new Deathmatch modes, each having three maps, and now playable in-game. These are:

  • Big Shot
    • Players have one gun, one bullet, and one shot to kill their foes.
    • Taking out the enemy rewards players with another bullet.
    • Players can also collect ammo pickups around the map.
    • The first team to reach the target score wins.
  • Speed Kills
    • In this mode, balance is key.
    • One can move quickly while carrying slow-firing weapons and the other moves slowly but have weapons with faster fire rates.
  • Hot Swap
    • Players need to rack up the highest score they can in five minutes.
    • It may sound simple, but things can get complicated when your weapon keeps changing.
    • There’s no question that transferable skills are truly important.
  • Dead Head
    • Take enemies out to earn points.
    • Headshots earn bonus points.
    • Precision is the key component.
  • Sumo Crush
    • This is a free-for-all Sumo variation that’s all about momentum.
    • Force opponents out of the area and score points.
    • The area starts to shrink after some time.
    • The last one standing wins.
  • Friendly Fire
    • This one is simple but comes with a twist.
    • Kill enemies and stop them from earning points.
    • The catch is that killing a teammate gives a bonus.

Read more about what’s happening this week here. GTA Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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