GTA Online: Time to Business with The Criminal Enterprises

Ready to do business?
Ready to do business? Rockstar Games

They say that behind every dark cloud lies a silver lining. While some people in Los Santos are worried about the economy, the black market is actually booming. The latest update for GTA Online is here, and The Criminal Enterprises brings a lot of opportunities.

Entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes are making the necessary moves that include:

  • Executives
    • There are new Source Cargo missions and a new daily Export Mixed Goods mission.
    • New Warehouse Staff hires are there to help with sourcing, including the new manager Lupe, who’s more than ready for anything.
  • MC Presidents
    • Ask help from Sindy to stock up the bar and open the doors to the finest leather-clad patrons.
    • Custom Bike Shop owners can now modify and deliver bikes to paying customers.
    • Those not afraid to get their hands dirty can take on new Clubhouse Contracts.
  • Nightclub Owners
    • Launch new Club Management missions. This can be done by:
      • Talking to Tony Prince.
      • Logging in to the office computer.
      • Calling Yohan to source for Goods.
  • Gunrunners
    • New Resupply missions are available.
    • Call Agent 14 to boost Research in the Bunker.
    • Agent 14 can also help players in securing a contract with Ammu-Nation to sell excess weapon parts for cash.

Operation Paper Trail

One of the reasons why the economy in Los Santos is tanking is because of the rising gas prices. It's not just the civilians that are noticing it but also Agent ULP of the IAA. Agent ULP has learned of a criminal conspiracy that seems to involve the Duggans and the FIB colluding to manipulate the price of oil. Not many details have been made available but he's sure to make contact soon.

New Vehicles

Those who can succeed in their business ventures get the chance to enjoy new vehicles. There’s the Stirling GT, for example, at Hao’s Special Works. Be sure to keep a close watch for two new vehicles that are compatible with Imani Tech upgrades.

Don't forget to check out as well some of the favorites which have been given a facelift. The Pegassi Zentorno, Benefactor Stirling GT, and Grotti Turismo R have received brand-new modifications and liveries.

Learn more about The Criminal Enterprises update here. GTA Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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