'GTA 5' Finance And Felony Trailer Breakdown: All The New Vehicles Coming To New DLC [VIDEO]

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'GTA 5' finance felony
The Pegassi Reaper will arrive in the 'Finance and Felony' update as 'one of the new vehicles befitting your elite status.' Rockstar Newswire

Rockstar shared a new GTA 5 Finance and Felony trailer earlier this week and it was massive! The upcoming GTA Online update delivers a lot of new features, including new missions and modes that enables players to pursue a life of crime as a CEO of your own illegal operation.

Obviously, the trailer shared a lot of details including the new office HQ where your business will be dealt with, as well as a big warehouse where all the contraband is presumably stashed. Surprisingly, the new GTA 5 Finance and Felony update brings a lot of new vehicles to the game as well.

GTA 5 tipster and YouTuber MrBossFTW shared a really insightful frame-by-frame breakdown of all the new locations, weapons, apparel, vehicles, and more can be found. It's a lot of content and the video is a whopping hour and 20 minutes long. To me, the vehicles are definitely the most interesting new additions to the latest DLC.

Let's dive right in!

GTA Benefactor SUV
The new Benefactor SUV features armored cladding. Photo: Rockstar / YouTube

First, we have a blacked-out and armored Benefactor SUV. Similar to the armored Kuruma, the new Benefactor looks like it can take a lot of damage from thugs that dare take on the occupants inside.

GTA Enus Windsor
Enus Windsor drop top. Photo: Rockstar / YouTube

Next, we see what looks to be a white Windsor Enus with a red convertible top. This is the perfect big chariot for a big boss.

GTA Rockstar / YouTube
Pegassi Reaper Photo: Rockstar / YouTube
GTA Vapid
Vapid Photo: Rockstar / YouTube
GTA Grotti
Grotti Photo: Rockstar / YouTube

Rockstar has already introduced the Pegassi Reaper supercar in its Newswire, but we see it again in a new blue paint job in its recent trailer. Joining the Pegassi Reaper include a new Vapid in green and a Grotti in red. We won't know how fast the three supercars will go until the update arrives on June 7, but expect the cars to command big bucks if a new top-speed record is set.

GTA Armored Truck
Armored Truck Photo: Rockstar / YouTube

Next, we got a massive armored truck. We don't know much about it but boy does it look badass! We can't wait to find out whether this road behemoth will be something a player can own or if it is only used in a particular mission.

GTA Tugboat
Tugboat Photo: Rockstar / YouTube

Next, a tugboat was featured in the trailer as well. The tugboat has been seen on the docks in GTA, but this is the first glimpse of it sailing in the waters with players on board. Again, it's too soon to determine whether the tugboat is something that players have ready access to or if its used for one of the missions only.

GTA Helicopter
Helicopter Photo: Rockstar / YouTube
GTA plane
Private Jet Photo: Rockstar / YouTube

Finally, we arrive at the aircrafts. A new private jet and business helicopter were featured in the trailer. Be ready to drop a lot of dough to take one of these toys home.

The new GTA 5 update arrives June 7. Watch the complete trailer breakdown of GTA 5 Finance and Felony by MrBossFTW in the video below. What is your favorite vehicle in the trailer? Let us know in the comments!

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