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GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition has become a victim of multiple leaks. You guessed it, there is one more leak about GTA games roaming the internet. Just like previous rumors, this one also looks accurate.

It seems like someone leaked all the achievements for the upcoming remasters. In this article, we have mentioned the achievements in GTA 3 Remastered. Keep in mind that some of these contain spoilers. So, if you haven’t played the original game, then take that as a warning.

We have mentioned the achievements below based on the leak:

GTA 3 Remastered Achievements

1 - First Day on the Job
Complete "Luigi's Girls."
2 - Without a Scratch
Deliver Mike Lips' car without a scratch on first attempt.
3 - Escape Artist
Use 20 police bribes.
4 - Disposing of the Evidence
Crush a car at the junkyard.
5 - Mob Boss
Keep the two mafia members alive during "Triads and Tribulations."
6 - Street Sweeper
Waste 100 gang members.
7 - Planned Ahead
Take out Chunky Lee Chong with a car rigged with a bomb.
8 - Got This Figured Out
Use a coach to pick up all 8 prostitutes in the mission "The Fuzz Ball."
9 - By a Mile
Complete the "Turismo" race in under 180 seconds.
10 - Wreckless Driving
Perform a perfect insane stunt.
11 - Wheels Up
Complete 20 unique jumps.
12 - Come Out to Play-y-y-y
Kill 25 gang members with melee weapons/fists.
13 - Where To?
Complete 100 taxi fares.
14 - Liberty City Minute
Survive with less than 10 HP for 1 minute.
15 - Full Artillery
Use every weapon in the game at least once.
16 - A Marked Man
Complete "Last Requests."
17 - Offshore Delivery
Complete "A Drop in the Ocean."
18 - Not So Fast
Complete "The Exchange."
19 - A Gift from the King
Complete the "Kingdom Come" mission.
20 - Man Toyz
Complete every RC Toyz mission.
21 - Splish Splash
Extinguish 15 fires during a single Fire Truck mission.
22 - Playing Doctor
Complete Paramedic level 12.
23 - Going Rogue
Kill 15 criminals during one Vigilante mission.
24 - Dirty Money
Amass a fortune of $1,000,000.
25 - Right-hand Man
Earn a criminal rating of 2,500.
26 - Furious First Responder
Complete Paramedic, Firefighter, Vigilante.
27 - Liberty City Secrets
Collect 100 hidden packages.
28 - Is That All You've Got?
Achieve 100% completion.
29 - King of Liberty City
Unlock all achievements.
30 - Got Any Stories, Old Man?
Complete "Cipriani's Chauffeur."
31 - Talks a Lot
Complete all phone missions.
32 - Blood in the Streets
Pass all 20 Rampages.
33 - Instigator
Complete 10 Rampages.
34 - Chasing Paper
Amass a fortune of $500,000.
35 - Am Walkin' Here
Die from being run over.
36 - Hunting Season
Destroy five helicopters.
37 - Repeat Offender
Get busted 20 times.
38 - Cheaters Do Prosper!
Blow up 2,000 cars.
39 - Play Fetch
Complete the Portland Docks and Shoreside Vale import/export car lists.
40 - Pest Control
Deliver all emergency vehicles to the crane at the Portland Docks.
41 - Relief Pitcher
Extinguish 20 fires during a single Fire Truck mission.
42 - Like a Boss
Earn a criminal rating of 5,000 or higher.
43 - Fare Game
Pick up Curly Bob in a Taxi during "Cutting the Grass".
44 - Recycler
Crush 25 cars.

You can check out the leaked achievements of GTA: Vice City Remastered and GTA: San Andreas Remastered by clicking on their respective articles.

So what do you think? Are you excited about GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition? Have you played the original games before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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