GTA Trilogy Remaster Seems More Likely After Recent Rumor

GTA San Andreas
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Your childhood is coming back. I mean it may be coming back. According to a well-known leaker, Yan2295, three mainline Grand Theft Auto games are getting remastered. When asked about the existence of GTA Trilogy remaster/remake, the Twitter user known for being right in the past replied positively.

The GTA trilogy that contains the critically acclaimed GTA 3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas were originally released on Xbox in 2005. They were later ported to both PS2 and PC. The trilogy is apparently getting a remaster.

Why Does This Leak Seems Accurate?

The trilogy remaster seems more likely as Take-Two has already confirmed three unannounced remasters or remakes currently in development. The giant publisher has also been sending legal notices to mod owners of old GTA games. This just adds more fuel to the fire. When there is smoke, there is fire.

What Kind of Remasters?

We don’t know what kind of remaster it will be. It is yet to be seen if it will be a proper remaster like BioShock 1 and 2 or a lazy remaster like Mafia 2, both of which are owned by Take-Two Interactive. However, this is GTA we are talking about. The flagship IP should be treated with respect. I would have preferred a full-fledged remake, but I guess that might be a little too ambitious.

So No Red Dead Redemption Remake

While I am happy for fans excited about it, others might be disappointed. Red Dead Redemption Remake is not part of those "three unannounced remasters/remakes." The original RDR could use a new coat of paint for current-gen consoles. The open-world Wild West game isn’t even available on PC.

Do keep in mind that all of these are currently just leaks and rumors. There is no official announcement, so take this with a grain of salt.

So what do you think? Are you excited about the GTA Trilogy Remaster ? Or would you rather Take-Two remaster other games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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