Grounded: "Into the Ground" Update Features New Areas to Explore and More

Into the Ground Update
Into the Ground Update Obsidian Entertainment

The “Into the Ground” update for Grounded is now available. It brings tons of new content, including bugs, features, and areas, among other things.

New Content

There are three new explorable environments. Are you ready for a sizzle? If yes, then you can head to the BBQ Spill. Here, you’ll find blistering coals that you may have to circumvent to proceed. While venturing into the ashy wastelands is dangerous, you can discover some gear to make it worth your while.

The next area is known as the Wood Pile. Even though things look fine on the surface, you will learn that this is not the case at all. Going deep into the pile of logs will lead you to the Termite Dungeon, so be careful.

The third and final area is the Shed Surroundings. You can encounter new creatures in this place. It is also filled with huge items that you can explore. Who knows, you might find something that can help you in your journey.


  • Termite
  • Soldier Termite
  • Ladybird Larva
  • Ladybird
  • Black Ox Beetle
  • Roly Poly (not sickly)
  • Green Shield Bug
  • Dust Mite
  • Scarab
  • Infected Wolf Spider
Crafting Content
  • Termite Axe (Tier 3)
  • Black Ox Hammer (Tier 3)
  • Termite Chest Armor
  • Splinter Arrows (Tier 3)
  • New (secret) Weapon
  • New set of base floors (Burr Weed)
  • Two new meals
  • Resource Survey Stations
    • Each survey station activated adds to the survey area across the yard
    • You can survey for any analyzed material, including insect parts
  • Peep.R Mode
    • Place a waypoint by looking at a spot in the yard and pressing a button
    • Place a waypoint by opening the map and selecting a location to drop a waypoint
  • If players die with a bow equipped, the equipped ammo type will carry over when respawning
  • You can now rest at any time of the day. You will rest for 8 hours and will not be able to rest again until you have been awake long enough to rest again
  • Blademaster no longer repairs the durability of swords
  • Now reduces the stamina cost of the next several attacks when proceed
  • Javelineer no longer slows enemies
  • Weapons now deal progressively more damage with each hit in a combo sequence
    • The first attack of a weapon combo does the least amount of damage
    • Combo finishers deal the most amount of damage
  • Hammers now have a 3-hit combo to utilize the above combo system changes
  • All weapon types have had a damage curve pass to make sure they're in line with each other
  • Shields no longer slow down movement when blocking

The full list of changes can be found on the game’s official website.

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