Grounded Hot and Hazy Update: New Biome, Improved Haze, and Bug Fixes

Grounded 0.1.2 Update
Grounded 0.1.2 Update Steam

Grounded recently received a major update, which added tons of new content and fixed some bugs. This update introduces a new biome called the Sandbox, which is a Crab Sandbox. This biome also comes with eight new creatures lurking in the sand. So, be wary before you explore the new biome.

Additionally, the developers have made the Haze biome deadlier than before. This biome will have more creatures that have turned mad because of the poisonous fumes of the weed killer. The change will make it more difficult, which is great for an action-adventure game.

Grounded Hot and Hazy Test Patch Highlights for Update 0.11.0

New Features
Milk Molar Upgrades (Personal):
  • Every Milk Molar found gives each player 1 Milk Molar point to spend.
    • Increase personal stats like:
      • Max Health
      • Max Stamina
      • Max Hunger
      • Max Thirst
    • Max Equipped Mutation Slots
    • New players that join the game after Milk Molars are found will instantly have those points available to spend however they want on their teen.
Mega Milk Molar Upgrades (Party Wide):
  • Mega Milk Molars are a shared party resource to use.
  • Increase max item stack sizes like:
    • Food
    • Resources
    • Ammo
  • Any Mega Milk Molars upgrade is applied to the whole party, even new friends that join after!
  • Added Graphics option for toggling the Chromatic Aberration effect.
  • Added a text box to the Crafting menu for filtering crafting recipes, when using a keyboard.
  • A mask overlay is displayed on the screen in first-person mode when equipped with the Gas Mask.
  • When Read To Me is enabled, interaction prompts will be narrated.
  • The game can now be paused during cutscenes.
  • Item context menus are now available in the Container interface.
  • Shields now display Defense rating bars.
Building Placement
  • Improved snapping of walls to existing grid buildings during placement.
  • Wall-mounted buildings are less restricted by the target surface angle.
  • Other minor building snapping behavior tweaks.
  • Buildings cannot be relocated into creatures.
  • Zipline Wall Anchors no longer support other wall-mounted buildings.
  • Repair costs for bows and crossbows are now consistent within a tier.
  • Lure recipes are no longer learned from flower petals. They now require a BURG.L chip purchase.
  • 2 new Sign sets are available to purchase from BURG.L once their chips are discovered.
  • Now also requires mint shards to repair
  • Paint Can BURG.L chip has been removed
  • Recipes have been spread out to other relevant chips
  • Improved CPU and network performance in multiplayer games with large bases.
  • Improved CPU performance of creatures walking when playing a multiplayer game
  • Multiplayer Latency/Ping has been improved by 20-40%.
  • Additional general CPU performance improvements.
  • Saved game screenshots are smaller in disk size.

You can read more about the update here.

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