GROUND BRANCH Optimizes Inventory Management, Fixes Issue with Grenades in Patch V1033.2

Patch v1033.2
Patch v1033.2 Twitter/@Ground Branch

Developer Blackfoot Studios deployed a new update for the first-person tactical shooter GROUND BRANCH recently. Patch v1033.2 doesn’t bring any new content but it implements many optimizations and bug fixes to improve user experience.

GROUND BRANCH’s inventory management system has been optimized, so sorting items should feel better now. The game’s skylight override system has also been improved so that lightning in some maps, like Storage Facility and Rundown, now looks more consistent.

Moreover, a UI element is added that indicates when kit restrictions have invalidated parts of the player’s loadout so that the issue can be dealt with accordingly.

For bug fixes, thrown grenades no longer block doors when they stop moving. The company fixed the missing controller icons for left/right stick movements as well.

According to the company, if all goes well, this will be the last patch for version 1033. The folks at Blackfoot Studios are now turning their attention to Patch 1034, which will hopefully add heaps of new and exciting content.


  • 747
    • Small optimization combining meshes in 747 interior
    • Updated audio volumes
    • Cleaned up a lot of Distance Field visual junk in 747 (plane interior)
    • Added skylight adjustment volumes to plane for more consistent interior lighting (night vs day)
    • Fixed issue with Power Station generator light not working with attached switch
  • City
    • Fixed City subway light switch not working
    • Fixed double window pane
  • Enabled "Affect Translucent Lighting" in lights for better VFX illumination
  • Docks
    • Fixed issue in Intel Retrieval where sometimes only 8 spawns would be available
  • Storage Facility
    • Fixed missing collision exploit
  • Tanker
    • Fixed issue in Intel Retrieval where only 8 spawns were available
  • Added fallback system for kit restrictions (shirt, pants and footwear now need a fallback skin defined)
  • Replaced loading screen system with more robust and hopefully more bug-free system
  • Internal changes relating to pouch handling to make more robust and to handle skins more consistently
  • Removed a lot of debug logging
  • Changed foliage.MinLOD to prevent trees from only showing the flat billboard up close, regardless of setting
  • Fixed improper texture setting in base vehicle glass material
  • Fixed front wheel that was inverted on Ural truck
  • Removed erroneous dump pouches from various .kit files
  • Fixed MK17 rate of fire (from 750 to 600)
  • Fixed magnifier not being placable in front of an iron sight
  • Created dedicated keybind/hotkey for the IR Illuminator (AN/PEQ-15): default key is 8, but we recommend setting it to a mouse button if available
  • Ensured that all Keyboard/Mouse keybinds were also available under the Controller tab (Settings › Controls)
  • Updated controls screen:
    • Added IR Illuminator keybind
    • Minor text tweaks to a few keybinds for extra info/clarity (e.g. reticle brightness also controlling illuminator mode)
    • Added gamepad binds for actions that were only listed under KB/M
    • Increased size of keybind icons
    • Added minimum height to bind entries to prevent the lack of an icon from collapsing the height
    • Changed color and style of the "None" entry

GROUND BRANCH Patch v1033.2 is now available on PC.

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