GROUND BRANCH Now Supports NVIDIA DLSS and Reflex in Update V1033

Update v1033
Update v1033 Twitter/@GroundBranch

GROUND BRANCH is a tactical first-person shooter developed by BlackFoot Studios. This game is made by the original developers of Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon, so you’re getting a product created by those who really know the genre inside and out. This tactical first-person shooter title emphasizes movement and weapon handling, with additional options for mouse sensitivity and keybindings so that you can tailor the experience according to your preferences.

Added Support for NVIDIA Tech

Recently, the GROUND BRANCH dev team deployed Update v1033 which added support for latest NVIDIA technologies, including DLSS, DLAA, and Reflex. You can enable NVIDIA DLSS under the game’s video settings. While you can use the “Balanced” preset, you also have the option to set it to “Quality” or “Performance” depending on whether you value image quality or more frame rates.

If you want to improve the visual quality even further, you can enable DLAA, which is NVIDIA’s take on anti-aliasing. This technology provides sharper image quality than Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA).

It’s important to mention that the above technologies are only available to those who are using NVIDIA RTX 2000 series graphics cards or higher.

You can reduce input lag on GROUND BRANCH by enabling NVIDIA Reflex as well. Choosing the “On + Boost” option not only decreases input lag but increases your GPU’s clock speeds as well.

Time of Day

Additionally, Update v1033 features a new sky system with moon phases and stars. This system will affect the lighting conditions of a map depending on the date and location. This is useful because your opponents, including the AI, will have poor visibility at night when they do not have the appropriate gear.

The clouds and the weather had to be removed from this new sky system because they heavily impacted performance. But the developers will be revisiting these features later down the line.


  • MK17 CQC and MK17 DMR battle rifles + Suppressor (black and FDE)
  • AK-105 carbine
  • AK-105 Alpha carbine (replaced AK-74 MI)
  • AKS-74U Alpha carbine/PDW (replaced AK-74 MI CQB) + Suppressor
  • Wz.88 carbine
  • M24 sniper rifle + Suppressor
  • PKM* machine gun
  • PMM pistol
  • AN/PVS-15 (WP): the old dual-tube NVG, but with white phosphor filter
  • GPNVG-18 night vision goggles (black and tan skins + green or white phosphor filters)
  • Ghillie Hood headgear (bare version)
  • Ballistic Vest
  • Carry Handle Rear Sight
  • ATACR 1–8x LPVO
  • MK8 CQBSS 1.1–8x LPVO
  • Razor HD 1–6x LPVO
  • Docter II micro red dot sight (Flat, Low and High mount variants)
  • MK46 Suppressor (AAC® MG-SD)
  • G3A3 Suppressor (AAC® 762-SD)
  • Handstop Grip
  • Reverse Grip
  • Stubby Grip B
  • Stubby Grip C
  • Tan/FDE variants for most foregrips
  • "Bakelite" AK-74 magazine
  • FDE PMAG magazine
  • The new loadout saving system automatically suggests build names based on attached items (the amount of detail can be changed), while reducing the amount of prompts needed for saving/overriding kits.
  • The item selection menu now allows builds to be "stacked" (i.e. group all builds of a similar base item) to reduce clutter, and can also be set to only display custom (player-created) builds.

GROUND BRANCH Update v1033 is available on PC.

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