Grim Dawn: Update v1.1.9.7 Increases Drop Rates of Some Highly Coveted Items

Update v1.1.9.7
Update v1.1.9.7 Twitter/@GrimDawn

Crate Entertainment recently released a pretty massive patch for its popular action RPG Grim Dawn. Update v1.1.9.7 brought a ton of improvements and balancing adjustments.

What many players will love about Update v1.1.9.7 is that the drop rates for certain highly coveted items, such as the Alkamos Rings, Shar’Zul’s Worldeater, and Legendary Magi Rings, have increased. Farming Kilrian’s Shattered Soul may now drop one of them in fewer runs than before.

Kilrian’s Shattered Soul is a rare component in Grim Dawn used in crafting. A lot of players have been having trouble getting one, so it’s nice to see that the company has increased its drop rate in the most recent patch.

Aside from the increased drop rates of rare items, this update reduces monster resistances as well, especially on higher difficulty levels. For instance, the monsters’ fire, lightning, and poison resistances have been reduced by 3% on Ultimate and 2% on Elite difficulty.

Here are the other changes:

  • Increased chest quality at waves 100+ for successful runs on all difficulties
  • Increased drop rate of double-Rare items on Gladiator difficulty
  • Increased % Physical Resist for pets from the Blessing of Ulo Celestial Blessing to 10%
  • Increased % Health for pets from the Empyrion’s Guidance Celestial Blessing to 140%
  • Increased % Damage Modified for pets from the Might of Amatok Celestial Blessing to 25%
  • Increased % Offensive and % Defensive Ability for pets from the Ulzuin’s Pact Celestial Blessing to 5%
  • Fixed an issue where a Shattered Guardian’s Domain level may not end under rare circumstances
  • Human enemies with equipment no longer have baseline resists to compensate for fluctuations in resists from their gear
  • Reduced monster % Cold Resist by 6% on Ultimate difficulty and 3% on Elite difficulty
  • Reduced monster % Pierce Resist by 3% on Ultimate difficulty and 1% on Elite difficulty
  • Fixed an issue that caused skill modifiers from items to persist on duration buff skills (ex. Blood of Dreeg, Pneumatic Burst) even after the items were removed. The buffs now expire immediately upon swapping the equipment.
  • Swapping equipment that modifies pet skills now disables their on-death attacks in addition to dismissing them (ex. Hellhound, Rune of Hagarrad)
  • Most crafted Level 90 Blueprints have received a general buff to make them a more viable option.
  • Suffixes
    • Aether Storms: increased % Attack Speed and % Cast Speed at levels 82+
    • Dark Intent: increased % Attack Speed and % Cast Speed at levels 82+
    • Honor Guard: increased % Attack Speed and % Cast Speed at levels 82+
    • Rapid Reflexes: increased % Attack Speed and % Cast Speed at levels 82+
  • Faction
    • Blazerush: added 120 Offensive Ability
    • The Desolator: increased Fire damage to 74-102 and Health to 880. Increased % Weapon damage modifier for Bursting Round to 100%.

Grim Dawn Update v1.1.9.7 is available on Xbox One and PC.

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