Grim Dawn Developers Improved the Devotion System in Latest Update

Update v1.1.9.8 Crate Entertainment

Grim Dawn is a rather unique action RPG because it lets you play with different masteries to make fun and powerful builds. In the recent Update v1.1.9.8, developers made changes to the constellations in the Devotion system.

The Devotion System is a mechanic in Grim Dawn, denoted by different constellations, that grants you different stats and abilities that will complement your build. You gain up to 55 devotion points by repairing/cleansing the shrines scattered throughout the in-game world.

After seven years since the game's launch, the developers finally made major changes to the Devotion System to shake things up. If you are playing a pet build, the newly buffed Huntress is a must-have as this constellation now grants 8% increased healing. That's not all! It also increases your HP by 450, which is great for survivability. Don't worry, the Huntress increases the health of your pets by 12% as well, so they, too, can take more hits.

If you're using a build that deals Vitality damage, Wendigo is one of the constellations that you need to get. Aside from buffing up Vitality damage, the Wendigo now grants 5% increased run speed as well. It might not be much, but it's still noticeable.



  • Akeron's Scorpion: added 30% Poison Duration
  • Alladrah's Phoenix: added 15% Freeze Resist and 30% Burn Duration
  • Amatok the Spirit of Winter: increased Health to 450 and removed % Cold Resist
  • Assassin: increased Health to 200
  • Attak Seru: increased Health to 600 and % Defensive Ability to 6%
  • Azrakaa, the Eternal Sands: increased Health to 650
  • Bard's Harp: added % Elemental Dot damage
  • Behemoth: increased % Health to 8% and increased % Health for pets to 12%. Added 4% Physical Resist for pets.
  • Berserker: added 15% Increased Healing and increased Health to 300
  • Blind Sage: increased % Elemental Dot damage to 250%. Added 4% Physical Resist and reduced Offensive Ability to 115.
  • Bysmiel's Bonds: replaced % Health for pets with 20% Trap Resist and 20% Trap Resist for pets
  • Chariot of the Dead: increased % Stun Resist to 20% and Health to 250
  • Crab: added % Elemental Dot damage
  • Crane: increased % Poison and % Vitality Resists for pets to 20%
  • Dire Bear: increased % Health to 6%
  • Empty Throne: increased % Freeze and % Stun Resists for player and pets to 25%. Increased % Aether, % Chaos and % Pierce Resists for pets to 15%.
  • Quill: increased Health to 100
  • Rattosh, the Veilwarden: increased Health to 350
  • Revenant: increased % Health to 5% and Health to 250
  • Rhowan's Crown: increased % Elemental Resist for pets to 18%
  • Sailor's Guide: added 15% Fire Resist and increased % Run Speed to 10%
  • Scales of Ulcama: increased % Health to 6%, Health to 250 and % Run Speed to 6%
  • Shepherd's Crook: increased % Health for pets to 20%
  • Ulo: increased % Elemental Resist to 15%, % Poison Resist to 20% and % Chaos Resist to 20% for the player and pets. Added 15% Stun, 15% Freeze and 15% Petrify Resist.

Grim Dawn Update v1.1.9.8 is available on Xbox One and PC.

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