Grim Dawn: Update v1.1.9.7 Brings Balancing Changes to Monster Infrequents

Update v1.1.9.7
Update v1.1.9.7 Twitter/@GrimDawn

Grim Dawn, a pretty strong contender in the ARPG space, recently received a significant patch from developer Crate Entertainment. Update v1.1.9.7 brought balancing changes to a plethora of Monster Infrequents in the game.

For those who are new to Grim Dawn, Monster Infrequents are rare items that can only be dropped by specific monsters. They have unique effects that make certain character builds shine.

That said, which of the Monster Infrequents in the game got buffed? Well, those who love using the Devastation skill from the Arcanist mastery might like the newly buffed Ascendant Hood.

This rare caster helm now has a 50% crit damage modifier to Devastation, making it even more damaging than before. Plus, the Ascendant Hood increases the elemental damage modifier for the Inquisitor Seal to 110.

Players who love using Grenado as their main skill can get a huge benefit by using the new and improved Ugdenbog Flamethrower. This two-handed ranged weapon received a substantial increase in its fire damage modifier from 440 to 550. So, spam it often and blast those enemies to oblivion!

Here are the other notable balancing adjustments to Monster Infrequents:

  • Ascendant Cowl: added Aether damage for pets
  • Ascended Casque: added 20 Aether damage modifier for Spectral Binding
  • Chosen Mask: replaced % Crit damage with 465 Health. Added 10% Crit damage modifier for Storm Box of Elgoloth.
  • Colossal Defender: increased % Retaliation added to Attack modifier for Aegis of Menhir to 12%
  • Death’s Whisper Hood: increased % Weapon damage modifier for Bone Harvest to 80% and added 8% Physical Resist modifier for Resilience
  • Fleshwarped Casque: increased Cooldown Reduction modifier for War Cry to -3s and added 100% Physical damage modifier for Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange
  • Incendiary Casque: increased Fire damage modifiers for Fire Strike and Flames of Ignaffar to 33 and 80, respectively
  • Kaisan’s Burning Eye: added % All Retaliation damage
  • Korvan Casque: increased Internal Trauma damage and Vitality Decay damage modifiers for Blade Arc to 210/3s and added 6% Attack damage Converted to Health modifier for it
  • Korvan Gaze: added 18 Acid damage modifier for Righteous Fervor. Increased Poison damage and Vitality Decay damage modifiers for Whirling Death to 210/3s.
  • Korvan Helm: added 6% Health modifier for Soalel’s Witchfire and increased % Attack damage Converted to Health modifier for Reaping Strike to 15%
  • Magi Visage: increased Vitality damage modifier for Ravenous Earth to 90
  • Mark of Plagius: increased Vitality damage modifier for Vire’s Might to 180 and added 80% Acid damage modifier for Harbinger of Souls
  • Murderer’s Cowl: increased Bleed damage modifier for Blade Trap to 210 / 1s
  • Namadea’s Horns: increased % Physical Resist modifiers for Pneumatic Burst and Vindictive Flame to 6%

So, what do you think of the recent balancing changes to Monster Infrequents in Grim Dawn?

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