Grid Legends Reveals Nine Motorsport Categories

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Ready for more fun? EA

There’s a lot to be excited about the upcoming Grids Legends. In addition to being the latest game of the franchise, it also brings several new features. One of these is having racing diversity. By that, we mean players can try different kinds of cars. Overall, there will be nine motorsport categories for players to enjoy.

These categories are going to be spread out across three difficulty tiers - Amateur, Semi-Pro, and Pro. They can be unlocked as players make their way through the Career mode. While most of the cars can be obtained by finishing the Career milestone, some vehicles, typically high-value ones, are only purchasable using in-game currency.

Once a player gets a vehicle, they can then start to clock up mileage. The more miles recorded, the more performance upgrades are unlocked for that particular car.

Anyway, these are the categories:

  • Touring
    • This has been a staple of the franchise and a fan favorite. For the upcoming game, expect to see more cars and classes like the Audi A4 Quattro.
  • Drift
    • Drift makes a return and offers routes and vehicles made for sideways action. To unlock classes, players need to reach the semi-pro tier.
  • Trucks
    • Be ready to get behind the wheel of the big boys, all of which have been designed for racing action.
  • Specials
    • This category brings together different unique classes and rare machines for that unforgettable racing experience. Progress through the various tiers and enjoy the likes of fun cars and even vintage road icons, among others.
  • Electric
    • Electric cars finally have their very own category. Try out some in the Amateur tier and unlock more in Semi-Pro and Pro.
  • Open Wheel
    • Be ready for some stunning levels of grip, danger, and an immense sense of speed. Test your levels of control in the Semi-Pro tier with lightweight and nimble machines. Work your way to the Pro tier and unlock some of the game’s most powerful cars.
  • Tuner
    • This category honors the notion of turning daily drivers and mass-market cars into world-beaters, whether on the street or on the track. These include the likes of Japanese legends and modified American muscle cars.
  • Track Day
    • See what it feels to be behind the wheel of machines that come with power and performance to dominate the track.
  • GT
    • The game wouldn’t be complete without the GT cards. Start from the Amateur tier with vehicles like the Ginetta G40 GT5 and work your way up to fast machines, such as Class 1 GTs, Porsche 962C, and Panoz Esperante GTR-1.

Learn more about these categories and the car list here. Grid Legends is coming out on February 25 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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