GrandChase: New Item Lock Feature Added in Latest Update

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Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve accidentally dismantled or thrown away a particular item in GrandChase? If so, the latest update adds a new feature that locks inventory items in place, preventing such issues from happening again.

Before anything, you will receive an attendance reward by logging in daily for at least 30 minutes. The things that you can potentially receive include a Ring of Beefiness, Champion Mode Entry Ticket, and a +10 Bag, among many others.

Anyway, the new Item Lock feature in GrandChase lets you manually lock items so that they won’t be selected when you press “Select All.” This saves you from accidentally selling or dismantling your hard-earned items.

Now, there are a few things to keep in mind. You can lock an item by hovering your mouse over it and pressing the icon on the lower-left side. Once you’ve done so, it will not show up in the forge or equipment reinforcement screen, thus preventing accidental dismantling. However, you can move locked items to your warehouse without a problem.

Item Lock Feature
Item Lock Feature Steam

Patch Notes

  • Dice Dice Baby! Game Board
    • Login during the event period to receive Dice Dice Baby! Game Board
    • Play Dice Dice Baby! By using the Dice Dice Baby! Coin that recharges over time
    • Players will receive reward for landing on spaces and doing laps until 30 laps have been completed. Players will only receive reward for landing on spaces from the 31st lap
  • Lap Reward
    • Players who complete 30 laps will receive Big Head Accessory (Helm, Upper Head, Lower Head Accessory. There will be a set effect for the 3 set items)
    • Players who complete 5, 10, 20, 25 laps will receive up to 14 (Event) Seal Breaker Scrolls. (Event) Seal Breaker Scrolls will be deleted during the maintenance on March 22nd (UTC+0)
    • Players who complete laps will receive Special Reinforcement Blessing Scroll, Advanced Reinforcement Scroll, Advanced Rune Summon Chest, and other various rewards.
  • Added Video Recording Function
    • Players can record video of their gameplay using recording function found in the option
    • Recorded video will be saved under the replay folder found at the root of the folder where game is installed
  • Soul Extortion (Devilion)
    • Increased the damage
    • Increased the area of attack
    • Changed the knockback effect to airborne effect
  • Fixed a bug where Decanee would recover MP when her special is used in PVP
  • Fixed a bug where Taint buff duration and Taint Gauge consumption did not match if Taint is used after Decanee activated Taint Transformation
  • Fixed a bug where Gauge Bar Border did not activate when Decanee activated Taint
  • Fixed a bug where Dimensional Gate gets dragged down when Decanee uses 4th Bar Special: Apocalypse
  • Fixed a bug where monsters would move abnormally due to Decanee's Void: Explosion
  • Fixed a bug where Decanee's elbow would show when Moonlight Village Gloves is equipped

So, what can you say about the new Item Lock feature in GrandChase?

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