GrandChase Classic: What Was Fixed After the Emergency Maintenance?

GrandChase Classic
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GrandChase Classic was released a few days ago, but the developers took the game down for emergency maintenance earlier today. Apparently, the maintenance was to improve server stability, though various bug fixes have also been implemented during the downtime.

Some players may have experienced monsters freezing after doing Elesis’ first job change. Aside from that, Harpies in the Elven Forest might disappear as well. These have been fixed by the update.

In addition, there are instances where the Elven Forest Background will appear as the Halloween background, but that will no longer be the case when hopping back into the game.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed unable to enter hero dungeon in hero dungeon entry time
  • Fixed an issue where the Sanctum of Destruction dungeon could not be cleared
  • Fixed Thanatos being invincible after transformation
  • Fixed unable to switch Dark Magic and White Magic stably
  • Fixed monsters freezing after Elesis 1st Job change
  • Fixed unable to equip/unequip Titles
  • Fixed mission monsters not marked
  • Fixed Start button shown as Ready to Room Master in Dungeon room
  • Fixed Harpie disappearing from screen in Elven Forest
  • Fixed screen darkening after Guild join approval
  • Fixed an issue where the Elven Forest background appeared as Halloween background

Players Are Disappointed

The game adds some improvements to the original GrandChase released over a decade ago. While some people are happy with the re-release, others are disappointed, mainly due to the horrible UI, the game being a cash grab, among other things.

Redditor @regalica said that the user interface of the game is poorly designed, unrefined, and unfinished. In fact, they went on to say that the private servers back then did a much better job at handling the content.

Another user explained that the private servers did not have to handle a huge player base and that @regalica should cut the developers of the official game some slack. They’ve also suggested that instead of releasing new stuff, the devs should look into revamping the existing ones, such as improving the guild system, providing better PVP content, and more.

Redditor @HikariTenshii said that while the private servers are better, they are going to stick with the official server; hoping that this version of the game will get new content that is not available in others.

What do you think? Will GrandChase Classic become better over time?

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