GT Sport Could Introduce Livery Editor With Image Import Function

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Gran Turismo Sport Livery Editor
Could GT Sport feature a livery editor with an image import tool? menshealthpolska / Instagram

When Gran Turismo Sport shared its "Join The Human Race" trailer at E3, developer studio Polyphony Digital signaled a clear departure for the franchise – the cars are no longer the stars. Instead, Gran Turismo Sport will be about racing and the passionate people that participate, representing manufacturer or nation.

Of course, GT Sport will still be a Gran Turismo game. You can expect over 150 vehicles, vivid 4K graphics, realistic driving physics, as well as weather-change dynamics. However, there's still a number of factors that Polyphony hasn't mentioned that we're very curious to see, namely GT Sport's customization options. 

Beyond modifications like tire compound, lightweight flywheel and turbo upgrades that take place under the hood, fans are also asking if aesthetic mods will come to GT Sport as well. Given the game's focus towards giving players some sort of "purpose" in their cause for racing, fans wanted to know just how versatile the game's "livery editor" tool will be.

Although details are scarce in regards to GT Sport's livery editor options, the eagle eyed folks at GTPlanet believe they have found evidence that suggest the tool may include a nifty "import image" function. Via an Instagram post from Men's Health Poland magazine, we see a black Alfa Romeo 4C sporting Men's Health's crisp red box logo.

Sure, Polyphony Digital could feature magazine logos in its livery generator database, or perhaps the editor spent a great amount of care and attention to create the font and arrange the layout of the Men's Health logo just right. However, it's more likely Gran Turismo Sport now offers players the option to import external images to lay over the cars. 

Of course, an image import tool is purely speculation at this point, but it would be a big game changer for many players. Racing liveries lend itself to motorsports on face value, but as GT Sport players start to really dive into the game, we'll see it used in all sorts of ways, from a way to represent a certain crew, to even create more intricate Itasha style cars, or drift team liveries.

If Gran Turismo Sport is truly a game that shifts attention away from the cars and towards the people, then hopefully Polyphony will deliver a livery editor that gives fans the freedom to personalize their cars in spectacular ways. Stay tuned as we expect to learn more about the game in the upcoming months. Gran Turismo Sport arrives to PS4 on Oct. 17.

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