Goonya Monster Gets Big Changes from Update Version 2.0.0

A big update is here. MUTAN

A new update has been released for the 3v1 asymmetrical party game Goonya Monster. Update Version 2.0.0 is actually a major patch that has a lot of new elements, including at least 200 newly-added and adjusted items.

As a quick introduction, the game divides players into three busters and one monster. The busters fight using their unique weapons while monsters have to depend on their powerful skills.

Here, we'll focus on the changes for the busters and monsters.

Bust(er) a Move

For busters, the weapon handling and block trapping are improved which should lower frustrations experienced during character operation. Players should also be happy to know that they can now move around independently and freely. What else? A new aim assist feature is added to make it a bit easier to fight the undead. Other changes are:

  • The gaps of one square and physical behavior-specific traps have been reduced for smoother movement.
  • Automatic resurrection on countdown, homing kicks, ghost attacks.
  • Alerts are now displayed to warn of approaching monsters.
  • Icons have been added to keep track of the location of undead and soul pods.

Dynamic Monsters

Of course, it won't be a big update if only busters were improved. Monsters can now have twice the fun when rampaging with new actions like predation. The changes have been made more obvious visually so newbies can easily handle them.

Those playing the monster should remember that the more it preys, the bigger it becomes, and the more powerful it gets. Once it reaches the maximum size, destroying blocks becomes easier. Monsters have also been designed not to kick, which means they can now chase busters anywhere without fear of being blocked by obstacles.

New Effects and Praise

In addition to busters and monster changes, there are also new effects to let everyone enjoy the characters fully. For example, it's now possible to see customizations at the start of each battle.

There's also the "praise" feature letting players praise each other, especially those who performed well. This should not only increase the feeling of victory but also motivate individuals to play better.

Goonya Monster is available on PC through Steam, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

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