Glyph Swaps Levels and Brings Other Changes in Latest Update

A lot of changes.
A lot of changes. Bolverk Games

Over the weekend, Glyph received a rather large patch which introduced many changes. One of these is the level swaps that have long been requested by players after it appeared that the game became too difficult in such a short time. Because of this, the progression on the difficulty curve is now much smoother.

Here are the levels swapped in this newest update:

  • Rapid Ascend - Timeworn Tablets
  • Wavy Road - Crossroads
  • Humbled Shrine - Wistful Remnants
  • Blockade - Deserted Refuge
  • Builder's Teachings - Hidden Gorge
  • Hillside Retreat - Glacial Remains
  • Treacherous Path - Precarious Peak
  • Forbidden Towers - Eerie Islands
  • Blessed Spire - Crumbling Path
  • Three Sisters - Lurking Menace
  • Celestial Steps - Elysian Rise
  • Lost Village - Whirling Winds
  • Cautious Leap - Infernal Basin

Below are the other changes that arrived with the patch:

  • It’s now easier to get a decent amount of gems to progress in the game’s early parts.
    • This should make the Time Trial levels easier.
  • ​The number of gems needed to unlock hub areas is lowered.
    • The purpose is to make sure that new players have wider access to different levels.
    • Players are no longer forced to master a few levels to progress in the game.
  • The Artifact collectible is no longer lost when the player dies.
  • Portal keys and the Avatar Capsule now burst out of the explosion when players die.
  • ​Visual adjustments have been made to the coloration and lighting of some levels.
    • This should make them more appealing and allow them to stand out.
  • ​Sounds are added when enemies attack.
  • Fixes on levels having outdated thumbnails, UI that didn’t properly scale when scenes transition, and fonts used in some UI elements that didn’t support some languages.

Glyph is a 3D platformer game where players take on the role of a sphere-shaped mechanical scarab. The objective is to finish all levels and bring back the ancient temple. The game is available on Nintendo Switch and you can buy it here.

Glyph is set to arrive on PC through Steam and you can wishlist it here.

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