Global Pre-Registration of Defense Derby is Finally Here!

Pre-register now and get rewards. Krafton

If you're excited about the upcoming game, Defense Derby, we've got some exciting news for you. Pre-registration for this upcoming real-time strategy defense mobile game is now open worldwide via Google Play, App Store, and the Galaxy Store.

Pre-registration will stay open until the game is officially released sometime this year. Those who pre-register get a "Welcome Package" at launch which comes with these in-game bonuses:

  • 20,000 Gold
  • Rare Hero card
  • Rare Unit card
  • Special Castle Skin

In a statement, the development team revealed that the game is now in its final stages. Right now, the focus is on improving the quality of the gameplay.

Early Access Results

The game had a global pre-release test version last year, while in April of this year, it had its early access test. One of the things different in the early access test was access to a new system and new mode. This test, however, was limited to regions that did not include the US.

Early this month, it was reported that the early access test had 19,600 users and a total playtime of 81,500 hours. There was also an increase in the number of times which the "Derby Mode (PvP)" was played, specifically, about 381,000 times with the average player trying out the mode 21 times.

It was also reported that many players surveyed shared their satisfaction with the game with an average satisfaction score of 4.6 out of 5. A lot of those who joined the early access test said that the most engaging feature was "collecting and upgrading/leveling up heroes and units." This was followed by "Derby Mode," "PvE content," and "progressing through the Guardian's Journey."

Derby Mode

The Derby Mode is all about the deck, betting, and scouting. Four players are matched, with each getting 20 Derby Chips, also the scouting currency. They can claim victory by successfully scouting units. These are what they need to keep a close eye on:

  • Scouting Success
    • The player who offers the highest amount of Derby Chips takes the card (unit), and the amount of Chips used to scout the unit will be consumed.
    • If two or more players offer the same highest amount of Chips, all those players receive the card.
  • Scouting Fail
    • Players who offered fewer Chips than the one which successfully scouted the card won't be able to acquire the card and start the wave without additional units.
    • Players who fail to scout are refunded all the Chips they offered on the card.
    • They also receive bonus Chip in order of the highest amount offered.

What are you waiting for? Pre-register now!

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