Early Access of Defense Derby Set for April 27

Ready for the test?
Ready for the test? RisingWings

RisingWings is working on a new strategic defense mobile game called Defense Derby, with things moving forward for this independent studio after announcing an early access test from April 27 to May 11. With this, the studio is now in the final steps of refining the game’s quality. Those who want to join in the test can download the game from Google Play Store.

Exciting as this test is, Defense Derby is not going to be available in the US for now. The current test regions are Korea, Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, and India.

For this upcoming early access test, players can look forward to trying out the step-by-step growth system "Path of Guardian" and getting different rewards based on their progression in the league.

The process of obtaining cards has also been modified compared to the global pre-release test version last year. As such, players can now merge units during battles, leading to a more strategic gameplay experience. There's also the event mode titled "Derby Free Fight - Mirror Match" where players can play Derby with the same provided deck. This should allow them to enjoy the game and not be hindered by their own deck.

In a statement, RisingWings Vice President Moonchul Kang revealed that they're launching the early access test before the game's official release. Kang added that this should let players access a high-quality game. He went on to say that for the duration of the test, the plan is to collaborate with influencers to highlight content which shows just how fun the game is.

Derby Mode

In Derby Mode, the three things to remember are deck, betting, and scouting. Here, four players are matched with each getting 20 Derby Chips, also the scouting currency. Players can claim the victory by successfully scouting units. These are what players need to keep a close eye on:

  • Scouting Success
    • The player who offers the highest amount of Derby Chips takes the card (unit), and the amount of Chips used to scout the unit will be consumed.
    • If two or more players offer the same highest amount of Chips, all those players receive the card.
  • Scouting Fail
    • Players who offered fewer Chips than the one which successfully scouted the card won't be able to acquire the card and start the wave without additional units.
    • Players who fail to scout are refunded all the Chips they offered on the card.
    • They also receive bonus Chip in order of the highest amount offered.

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