Ghostrunner Is Getting A Hardcore Mode, Featuring New Levels

505 Games has released a brand-new teaser trailer for Ghostrunner.
505 Games has released a brand-new teaser trailer for Ghostrunner. 505 Games

Among the many games released in October 2020, Ghostrunner was one of the hidden gems that introduced a fast-paced first-person game, involving parkour and hack and slash. The game is set in a dystopian setting where you play as an assassin, who has to climb the Dharma Tower and confront the tyrannical KeyMaster. Since the player will climb the Dharma Tower, Ghostrunner makes use of the verticality quite well.

By now, most fans would have beaten the game. And if you're thinking that you might be done with it, One More Level is asking you to hold on. The developer has confirmed that Ghostrunner will get a new DLC. It will introduce the Hardcore mode.

What to expect from the hardcore mode?

The Hardcore mode will add tougher enemies and overhaul existing levels. Of course, the game is quite difficult to master even on normal difficulty. However, if you've managed to beat the game and would love a bigger challenge, the hardcore mode might be of interest to you.

According to the publishers, All In Games and 505 Games, the hardcore mode has "altered level designs as well as tougher enemies from the beginning." The mode ramps up the difficulty with improved enemy AI and stats.

How can you unlock the hardcore mode?

The Hardcore mode will not be available from the beginning. Players will need to complete the game once on any difficulty to unlock the mode. And in this mode, you must be efficient with your weapon and how you tackle your enemies.

While the Hardcore mode will be a free update to everyone who owns Ghostrunner, the developer is also releasing a paid winter pack DLC. It features an icy katana and red gloves for $1.99.

Ghostrunner is currently available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game is also scheduled to receive a next-gen upgrade on the PS5 and the Xbox Series X .

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