Ghost Of Tsushima: Additional Story And Gameplay Details Revealed

Ghost of Tsushima
Ghost of Tsushima Alphacoders

After a long wait, Ghost of Tsushima amazed fans with thorough gameplay footage, showcasing the various ways on how you can play the game. Despite the gameplay reveal, fans were still left with many questions and developer Sucker Punch has come forward to answer some of those questions via Twitter.

The developer revealed some interesting news about Ghost of Tsushima's plot where the ending of the game will remain the same regardless of whether a player chooses to use melee, bow, or stealth approach. There is no Karma system to be found here. Ghost of Tsushima's plot involves Jin's sacrifice to become the Ghost, and that plot will remain unaffected.

In case you're wondering whether you can choose any other character apart from Jin, then the answer is a no. Jin is the only protagonist in the game and the story is intimately woven to showcase Jin's personal journey on how he becomes the titular Ghost of Tsushima and induces terror among the Mongols.

Additionally, players should want to keep their hopes under check about weapon variety in Ghost of Tsushima. Instead, there are going to be skill upgrades. Jin himself is a lethal samurai and he uses his family's heirloom katana right at the start of the game. This katana is called the Sakai blade and it will remain as Jin's primary weapon throughout the game. However, as Jin continues his journey, he will acquire fearful skills and tactics that make him a feared Ghost. These skills include using a bow and throwing knives, or kunai, to take out enemies from a distance. For close quarters combat, Jin will also use smoke bombs for a stealthy and sneaky approach on enemies. Sucker Punch went on to say that it doesn't want to reveal all the skills before the game's launch and wishes for players to discover by themselves.

Finally, the difficulty in Ghost of Tshusima will work in a way that on hard difficulty, players will need to be much more careful about timing their attacks or deflects than on easy or normal difficulty. However, the developer also added that despite the higher difficulty settings, the enemies are not turned into damage absorbing sponges. This helps in maintaining the katana's lethality, Sucker Punch said.

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