Ghost Recon Breakpoint's Immersive Mode And Engineer Class Delayed Until Spring

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Immersive Mode Delayed
Ghost Recon Breakpoint Immersive Mode Delayed UHD Wallpaper

The long-awaited immersive mode for Ghost Recon Breakpoint has been delayed by Ubisoft. The update was originally planned to release by the end of February, but the developer has announced that the immersive mode and Engineer Class will be releasing sometime later this year.

This official announcement was made through a blog post on the Ghost Recon Breakpoint website. The post explains how the "complexity of integrating the new mode" has resulted in its delay. The post also states that the company is aiming for the mode to release this Spring.

"Our objective with the new immersive mode is to provide an impactful update to the game using your feedback as the foundation," Ubisoft said in the post. "We are in the process of creating an experience that will change the way you can play Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint."

The short blog post ended with Ubisoft asking gamers to check back on March 5 to gain additional information on the immersive mode. The immersive mode was created by request from gamers who were disappointed with the open-world tactical shooter. Ghost Recon Breakpoint has garnered pretty unimpressive reviews and user scores, which has made it difficult to find many fans.

When the idea of immersive mode was raised, Ubisoft went ahead to conduct a survey last year and listed all the requested changes.

The most requested changes and fixes from players include:

  • Remove Gear Score and Tiered Loot
  • Enemy AI improvements
  • Sell All Weapons and Gears
  • AI Teammates

Other requested changes include:

  • Vehicle Handling Improvement
  • Possibility to Adjust/Reinforce Survival Elements
  • In-Game Economy Changes
  • Base Jump Improvements
  • Menu Improvements
  • Ability to Deactivate Other Players in Erewhon
  • Camera Improvements
  • Ability to Sprint in Erewhon
  • Respawn System Improvements
  • Carry one or two primary weapons

Requested New Content:

  • New Story Content
  • New Weapons
  • More Character Customization Options
  • More Customization Options in the Gunsmith

Other Requested Content:

  • New Enemy Types
  • GPS System on TacMap
  • New Skills
  • New Customization (Gear/Clothing)
  • Raids
  • Compass in HUD
  • New Vehicles
  • New PvP content

If all of these changes are implemented in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, we'll end up having a completely different game than what we received at launch. However, it is obvious that Ubisoft won't be considering all of these requested changes. Nevertheless, we'll wait until Spring and see how Ubisoft revives its struggling game.

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