Ghost Recon Breakpoint Launches Terminator Live Event

He's back.
He's back. Ubisoft

Crossovers are nothing new in the world of video games. For Ghost Recon Breakpoint, players are going to get something really good with the game's latest crossover event. The Terminator Live Event is set to have players face an unexpected, but familiar, threat from the future.

Inspired by the 1984 Terminator film, this event starts on January 29 and ends this February 6. It's going to offer not only a new story arc, but also a new location to explore.

This new event is part of the game's Episode I and follows the launch of what is considered the first raid in the history of the franchise. The Terminator Live Event can be played solo or co-op.

There are two main narrative missions in the event, with the first one starting on January 29 and the second on February 1. To start the missions, players need to follow a trail that leads to Rasa Aldwin. Rasa claims to be from the future and has asked for help. According to rumors, there's a soldier that is just relentless. However, Rasa does have a special weapon that gives players a fighting chance.

In addition to the main narrative, the new event also offers Daily Missions. These include interception missions where Rasa picks up signals from the T-800 and players need to find and destroy them. Daily missions are not going to be replayable, so try to log in every day if you want to see them all.

There are 23 new exclusive items for players to earn during the whole live event period. These include customization items, gear, vehicles, weapons, and attachments, among many others. There are also rewards that are directly inspired by the movie, like the MK14 weapon reward for Mission 1. There are also Terminator-themed items available in Maria’s shop along with 12 items are that can be purchased using Skell Credits. In fact, some of the rewards can let players transform into the Terminator or Kyle Reese.

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