What Ghost Recon Breakpoint Teammate Experience Can Offer

A new experience for everyone.
A new experience for everyone. Ubisoft

Title Update 4.0.0 is arriving in Ghost Recon Breakpoint on May 25. Also known as the Team Experience Update, several changes are coming and mainly based on community feedback. It’s set to improve the AI teammate experience based on three pillars: Progression and Skills, Squad Size, Weapons, and Gear, and Customization Options. Today, we take a look at some of the details from this update.

Team Level: Common Team XP

When players survive, they gain experience that increases their chances of surviving in future fights. With this new update, teammates can now also earn experience during team engagements. Teams now have Team Level that is measured through a common XP bar called Team XP.

Team XP is gained by simply playing the game. XP is also earned by playing and finishing specific Teammate Missions. Once teammates level up, players get a notification telling them which upgrade has been unlocked. There are also new challenges that give Team XP.

Teammate Upgrades

When AI teammates level up, they get access to certain upgrades and 14 upgrades are unlockable with three active abilities unique to each teammate. The abilities include:

  • Piercing Shot
    • Vasily performs a special shot that deals massive damage to the target.
    • Vasily can only use this ability on drones and enemy vehicles.
  • Scan
    • Fury detects all nearby enemies and directly communicates their position to the whole squad.
  • Combat drone
    • Fixit deploys a drone fighting on his side.
    • The combat drone automatically targets the closest enemy to Fixit when in a fight.

Each AI teammate can also unlock a special skill when they reach the needed level. The good news is no need to micromanage because the squad can use their abilities autonomously when certain conditions are met. Once used, they cool down before becoming available again. The teammates also inform players when they use a skill to promote coordination.

Teammate Improvements

The new update doesn’t only add a leveling system. The dev team shared in a post that they’ve been working on new features that allow teammates to meet some of the requests. These include:

  • Manage squad size
    • Players can now activate or deactivate teammates individually.
    • Players can run their squad with the number of members they want.
  • Customize R6 teammates
    • The appearance and primary weapon of Rainbow teammates can now be customized.
    • The only non-modifiable options are their body features and head accessories.
  • Hide AI teammates secondary weapon
    • Players can now hide the secondary weapon of their teammates.
    • When the secondary weapon is hidden, it only appears during Sync Shots and when using the feature.
  • Disable AI teammate skills
    • The new abilities that come with the update and the Rainbow abilities can be deactivated in the settings.
  • NVG Animations for AI teammates
    • If AI teammates have NVG equipped, they will perform the NVG equip animation when the player does. This is only visual and has no gameplay implications.

Title Update 4.0.0 also includes several bug fixes which you can read here.

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