Ghost Recon Breakpoint Offered at 85% Off

There's also a free weekend event.
Enjoy these offers.
Enjoy these offers. Ubisoft

If you’ve always wanted to play Ghost Recon Breakpoint, then the time is probably now. It’s now offered at an 85% discount at the Ubisoft Store as part of the Tom Clancy Sale. Don’t wait too long since this is only available until January 27.

Still not sure if this game is for you? Don’t worry since Ghost Recon Breakpoint is having a free weekend event from January 21 to January 24. This should allow you to test the game before making the decision. You can view the trailer for the free weekend below:

Tom Clancy Sale

Ghost Recon Breakpoint isn’t the only Tom Clancy game available on Ubisoft. What this means is everyone has a chance to get good deals on other titles. These include:

  • Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Up to 85% off
  • Ghost Recon Future Soldier – Up to 75% off
  • Ghost Recon Wildlands – Up to 70% off
  • Rainbow Six 3 Gold – Up to 75% off
  • Rainbow Six Collection – Up to 73% off
  • Rainbow Six Lockdown – Up to 75% off
  • Rainbow Six Vegas – Up to 75% off
  • Rainbow Six Vegas 2 – Up to 75% off
  • Splinter Cell – Up to 75% off
  • Splinter Cell Conviction – Up to 75% off
  • Splinter Cell Blacklist – Up to 75% off
  • Splinter Cell Chaos Theory: 75% off
  • Splinter Cell Collection – Up to 80% off
  • Splinter Cell Double Agent – Up to 75% off
  • Rainbow Six Siege – Up to 67% off
  • Rainbow Six Siege - Assorted Weapon Skins: Up to 55% off
  • Tom Clancy's Signature Collection: 80% off

See all the offers in the Tom Clancy sale here.

Title Update 3.1.0

Early this week, Ghost Recon Breakpoint released Title Update 3.1.0. The update introduces new gameplay elements that include:

  • Gas Mask Feature
    • While in a lethal gas zone, players have a limited time before their filters degrade.
    • Players have to gather filter charges or head to a recharging station so that they can survive in the gas.
  • Breaching
    • Players need to breach into these new buildings by placing explosive charges on the access doors.
    • Enemy AI is in an alert state and hold their positions to defend the building.

The update also brings to the game three new AI teammates from the Rainbow Six Siege:

  • Eliza “Ash” Cohen
    • Special Skill: Will use her grenade launcher to explode explosive barrels or populated vehicles.
  • Mike “Thatcher” Baker
    • Special Skill: Will use his EMP grenade to sabotage any active ground drone, turret, or mortar.
  • Lera "Finka" Melnikova
    • Special Skill: Will be able to heal or even revive players when their health reaches a dangerous amount, providing a health and weapon stability buff for a short period of time.

Read more about Title Update 3.1.0 here.

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