Ghost Recon Breakpoint Reveals November Roadmap

Here's what to expect this month.
Here's what to expect this month. Ubisoft

Ghost Recon Breakpoint officially revealed its roadmap for November. This is the first step in integrating changes and improvements that have been requested by many players. November in particular is going to see two title updates. There is also new content arriving.

Title Updates

Today, Ghost Recon Breakpoint released Title Update 1.0.3 which fixes a number of issues that include, among others, drone deployment, fire rate, NVGs blocking crosshairs, and Mission Completion notification pop-ups. At the end of the month, Title Update is going to be released, which is going to introduce more fixes and improvements.

New Faction Missions

Every three weeks two narrative missions around going to arrive. The third chapter has been released today, which offers two new missions. These are:

  • A Deadly Trap
    • A virus strain is set to hit the island and put Erewhon at risk. Your mission is to help the Homesteaders prepare and gather enough supplies to survive the attack.
  • Whistleblower
    • A list of potential rebels has leaked from Sentinel and their names have been put on a priority hit list. Your mission is to cover their tracks and help them escape to reach the Outcasts.

Community Survey

The development team revealed that they continue to listen to feedback posted on official forums, Reddit, and social media. However, while they want to give players a chance to express their opinion, they also want to know what future improvements should be prioritized.

Get your voice heard with the survey.
Get your voice heard with the survey. Ubisoft

Those who want to participate can go here and rank the categories that they believe should be the priority when it comes to improving the game. This community survey is set to run for two weeks. Once the survey ends, the input is going to be compiled with the results shared to the community. The highest-ranked categories are going to get dedicated communications and updates. However, for topics that aren't ranked high, updates on their status are still going to be provided.

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