Ghost Recon Breakpoint Unveils Roadmap Moving Forward

What plans are in store?
What plans are in store? Ubisoft

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint has provided an update to the game and what's going to happen moving forward. Breakpoint was released on October 4 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. A version for the Google Stadia is set for release this November 2019.

Since its release, Ghost Recon Breakpoint has received mixed reviews from critics. However, it obtained mainly negative reviews from players.

According to the Ghost Recon team, they have been reading converstaions online and even met with some of the community members in person. So, what's going to happen to the game? The team looked into five issues.

Technical State of the Game

The team admitted that there were game bugs and stability issues at launch. This is why Title Update 1.0.2 was released on October 15 to address the most pressing issues. The team continues to work on additional improvements that will be released with TU1.0.3 in mid-November. Changes include fixes on the Drone deployment, NVGs blocking crosshairs, and even changing the fire rate of certain weapons.

After that, TU1.0.3.1 is going to arrive around the end of November with further updates and improvements.

Post-Launch Content

The Team assured the community that their commitment to improving Breakpoint continues. They are going to continue supporting the game in the long term with post-launch content and special events. Players can expect the first Raid, titled Project Titan, coming in December. The Terminator Live Event will be released shortly after.

In-game Economy

The Breakpoint team has listened to criticism in relation to the in-game economy. They are currently working on adjustments based on the feedback from players. Some players have cited the possiblity of Ghost Recon Breakpoint being pay-to-win.

AI Teammates

Ghost Recon Breakpoint was developed to offer co-op of up to four players with a chance to alternatively enjoy a pure solo experience. However, the team has since announced that AI teammates are going to be added to Breakpoint, though this is going to need some additional time since it's a major undertaking.

Freedom of Choice

The team also revealed that some of the design choices have resulted in polarized reactions. While the developers are happy to see players accepting many of the new elements Breakpoint, at the same time they know that there are areas to improve. One critcism, for example, regards the tiered loot progression.

The team continues to work on a version that is more radical and immersive. They are also working on letting players customize their experience and enjoy the game they want to. It remains to be too early in terms of details, but the team is going to provide updates as they progress.

The Ghost Recon developers said in order to be able to tackle the right topics, they are releasing a Community Survey to give everyone a chance to express themselves about the future content and improvements of the game.

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