Get Your Hands On Doom: Eternal At QuakeCon Europe 2019

The highly-anticipated next installment to the Doom franchise will be playable at this year's QuakeCon Europe.
Now's your chance to play Doom Eternal at QuakeCon Europe 2019.
Now's your chance to play Doom Eternal at QuakeCon Europe 2019. Bethesda Softworks

Good news, Europe! The highly-anticipated next installment to the Doom franchise, Doom Eternal, will be playable at the first ever QuakeCon Europe in London this year.

QuakeCon has been going on for 22 years, and started as an excuse for gamers to meet up and play Quake and Doom together on a LAN connection. However, QuakeCon has since grown into a massive public event with a huge following. For 21 years, QuakeCon has been held in Dallas, Texas, but for the first time ever, QuakeCon will be expanding its boundaries. This year, alongside the QuakeCon that will be held in Dallas, there will also be a simultaneous convention in London, United Kingdom. In a momentous occasion for the gaming industry, and fans of the Doom franchise (which is quite literally older than I am), Doom Eternal will be playable to the public for the first time outside of the United States.

Doom Eternal was first announced at last year's QuakeCon, and instantly made waves around the world. Doom has been a classic since the very first game came out all the way back in 1993, making the franchise now 26 years old. Not only is Doom an icon in the gaming industry, but it's something that connects gamers all over the world, a piece of history that has shaped the industry into what it is now.

From July 26 to July 27, both QuakeCon and QuakeCon Europe will run simultaneously in Dallas as well as in London. During this time, attendees will be able to play Doom Eternal completely for free, as well as get an insider look at the some of the highly-anticipated and yet-to-be-announced titles that Bethesda has in store for 2019 and beyond.

QuakeCon is completely free to attend, so if you can make it to either QuakeCon or QuakeCon Europe, there's so much joy to be had and fun to experience. Doom Eternal is the main event, but there's plenty of announcements, goodies, events, and even a keynote to keep you occupied the whole time. We hope to see you there!

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