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A first-person shooter recently caught my attention on Steam and since then, I have fallen in love with the game. I don't know why exactly it's called Get To The Orange Door, although the main objective is certainly to "get to the orange door".

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Get To The Orange Door is what you get when Doom and Titanfall have a baby, but without the focus on ripping and tearing demons or slaying super soldiers. Get To The Orange Door is all about having your time with a vast arsenal of guns and combining smooth movements to take out randomly spawning enemies and drones. The game is based on a retro-neon theme and a selection of cyberpunk-style music complements the gunplay action.

The game was developed by a single independent developer, Andrew Smith. The game has garnered over 90% positive reviews on Steam while being at an 'early access' stage. Andrew is also in constant touch with players via Discord and Reddit to gain insights from players on how to improve the game and address bugs.

The gameplay of Get To The Orange Door is all about slaying enemies while being constantly on the move. If you're someone that enjoys fast-paced shooters, you will love Get To The Orange Door. Speaking of the weapons, the game lets you play with a pistol, revolver, SMGs, shotguns, LMGs, snipers with a high rate of fire, grenade launchers, and a variety of new weapons. While you'll always be running in the game, you can also wall run, double jump, dash in any direction, or slide under objects all while raining death upon your enemies. In case you want to feel a moment of John Wick-style action, the game allows you to enter slow motion to land accurate headshots.

The levels in Get To The Orange Door are randomly generated, which means you'll never play the same level twice. If you like being crafty, you can jump into the level creator mode to create your own level and share it with the community.

Finally, I think that Get To The Orange Door has a huge potential. If bugs are addressed and competitive maps are made, multiplayer could be the game's future.

If you want to pick up Get To The Orange Door, you can grab it on Steam for $20.

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