'The Get Down' Season 2 Release Date: New Footage Teases Soundtrack Part 2, Launching April 14

the get down
The Get Down stars from left to right: Skylan Brooks, Justice Smith, Tremaine Brown Jr., Shameik Moore, and Jaden Smith. (c) Netflix

On his Twitter, The Get Down creator and executive producer Baz Luhrmann announced that the soundtrack for The Get Down season 2 would be launching on April 14.

This comes a week after The Get Down season 2’s April 7 release date announcement, meaning that fans of The Get Down’s addictive mix of original and period music don’t need to wait long before getting their hands on the part 2 soundtrack.

On Twitter, Luhrmann also posted a video with previously unseen footage of The Get Down part 2. It’s set to one of The Get Down soundtrack’s most haunting original pieces: “Shaolin’s Theme/Pray.” You can check it out below:

The footage includes part 1 footage mixed with new footage of The Get Down season 2. Some of the new footage includes:

0:42 to 0:44: Shaolin Fantastic in an incredible red-and-black outfit, puffing dramatically on a cigarette. They are bad for you and give you cancer, but goddamn, the smoke looks cool.

0:45 to 0:48: Cops racing up Intervale Station to arrest some graffiti artists.

0:49 to 0:54: Sinister shots of guns and drugs (crack specifically). Things are hard and only getting harder in part 2, it seems.

0:55 to 0:56: Cops brutally arresting the graffiti artists.

1:03 to 1:06: An audience in a club environment looking completely ecstatic - seems like someone’s career is taking off.

1:07 to 1:12: Zeke standing alone in front of what I assume is his apartment door, but might be anyone else’s door in the projects. His body language isn’t exactly screaming pride, confidence and joy.

1:13 to 1:17: We see that the audience is screaming in response to Shaolin Fantastic. Well-merited, but the song is so melancholy at this point and all those guns and drugs from earlier, not to mention Zeke’s dejected body language, don’t really point me towards a cheerful feeling here.

1:21 to 1:26: Zeke writing rhymes on a crowded subway.

1:29 to 1:32: Yooooooooo! My mans Shaolin with the legendary red Pumas, rocking a matching helmet and racing down an empty street at night, roaring up on a sick motorcycle looking cool as hell!

1:35 to 1:40: Oh my god, it’s Cadillac grabbing a gun and then rolling out a back door in a full, flowing fur coat, looking dramatic as hell. Probably my favorite new clip from the whole trailer, even if he’s definitely murder-strutting.

2:22 to 2:55: Zeke takes a long, somber stroll down a block that personifies urban blight, smoke from a garbage fire billowing as he passes by graffitied buildings and cracked streets covered in broken furniture and trash.

Are you looking forward to The Get Down season 2 on April 7? Will you be purchasing the soundtrack for part 2 of The Get Down on April 14? What was your favorite part of the trailer? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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