‘The Get Down’ Season 2 Release Date Announced In New Netflix Teaser

The Get Down brothers are back for Part. 2 sometime in 2017.
The Get Down brothers are back for Part. 2 sometime in 2017. Netflix

The Get Down Season 2, officially known as Part 2, finally has a release date. The second act of The Get Down Season 1 will premiere April 7 on Netflix. The crew is taking their music from minor to major league. Take a look:

It’s been over six months since the six episodes of first season released and the finale cliffhanger just about killed fans. Both Mylene and Zeke’s music careers were about to pop off and we’re all just sitting here waiting for this adorable love story to continue. Hopefully, their new busy lives won’t cause tension in their relationship.

The Get Down has received mixed reviews (largely from just a *cough* certain part of the population). But whether you love it or hate it, The Get Down might be the most unique show offered on Netflix. The series vividly captures life in the South Bronx from a musical and historical perspective. With a love story pushing the story forward, Luhrmann's six-episode Part 1 felt like home to hip hop fans familiar with the subtleties of how Grandmaster Flash and Nas impacted the culture forever. The series also has a traditionally conflicting tone, which adds to its fantastical flavor -- combining techniques usually found in musical theater with that of your classic binge-worthy drama series.

The Get Down Part 1 made our top 10 TV shows of the year list for 2016. If you have yet to give The Get Down a shot, there’s a 100 percent chance your excuse is complete and total bullshit. Yes, we're calling you out. Here’s why you need to watch now.

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