Generation Zero: February 2023 Update Finally Fixes One of the Main Missions In-Game

February 2023 Update
February 2023 Update Twitter/@GenZeroGame

Did you have trouble completing “A Wrench in the Works” in Generation Zero? If so, the February 2023 Update has finally fixed this mission!

A Wrench in the Works is one of the main missions in Generation Zero. Those who want to finish the campaign must go through this mission first before they can proceed. However, there was a bug that prevented some players from completing it, with the common complaint being that the quest does not update as it should in the final phase.

Fortunately, there is nothing to worry about anymore as the developers have promptly fixed it in this update. According to the devs, it took a while for it to be resolved, but this is just because they want to make sure that there are no follow-up issues created as a result of repairing the mission flow.

The devs have also included six new weapon skins for the Möller PP, Klaucke 17, Kpist, HK5, and Brännboll Bat in this update. The best part is that they’re all for free! These weapon skins have been added to the loot pool and they can be acquired by eliminating your rivals on the map.

Möller PP - Neon Grid Custom Weapon Skin
Möller PP - Neon Grid Custom Weapon Skin Avalanche Studios
M/46 "Kpist" SMG - Part Pop Dark Weapon Skin
M/46 "Kpist" SMG - Part Pop Dark Weapon Skin Avalanche Studios
Brännboll Bat - Graffiti Resistance Weapon Skin
Brännboll Bat - Graffiti Resistance Weapon Skin Avalanche Studios


  • In order to show off this awesome feature to new players and make sure they realize how viable and important it can be as an endgame activity, we’ve revamped the introduction mission for Base Building and Base Assault.
    • The new mission is called “Building Blocks” and can be picked up from the Warboard in the Vesslan Bunker. It guides players through the process of completing a Base Assault and subsequently, building their own first base.
  • Note: Players who already completed the old intro mission, “Good News”, will not be able to play this new mission on the same world and will have to start a new world in order to experience it.
  • The Experimental KVM89 has been adjusted as follows:
    • Increased the damage dealt at peak performance
    • Reduced the heat gain and bullet spread while at peak performance
    • Reduced damage falloff and recoil while aiming down sights
  • The Experimental Magnus now deals more damage than the 5 crown Magnus with its initial projectile
  • Fixed an issue where the m/49 grenade launcher couldn’t be loaded with experimental ammo
  • The EXP .44 Magnus’ Laser sight is no longer offset when the player is irradiated
  • Firing while mounting a vehicle will no longer cause the weapon to continue firing indefinitely
  • Fixed a bug locking level 5 apparel crafting schematics.
  • The Simple First Aid Kit schematic was missing on older save files that had completed the "Sanctuary" mission. It has been re-added.
  • Fixed a bug where crafting materials would sometimes be shown as attached to another item.

So, what can you say about the new weapon skins in Generation Zero February 2023 update? Are you going to finish “A Wrench in the Works” now that it’s fixed?

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