Latest Gears 5 Patch Nerfs Gnasher Shotgun

Gears 5 Gnasher
Gears 5 Gnasher Game Rant

If you are a Gears of War fan, you are also likely a fan of the iconic Gnasher shotgun in all Gears of War games. The Gnasher is one of the game's signature weapons. The weapon is known to rip apart enemies in close quarters in multiplayer games. Over the past years, the Gnasher has gained a fearsome reputation for its firepower. As a result of that, many Gears of War players have previously complained of the weapon being too powerful. 

After a patch that went live on February 11, developer The Coalition decided to nerf the Gnasher shotgun, reducing the amount of damage the weapon deals. 

"While we feel that the Gnasher is currently in a good spot in Gears 5, we are always looking for opportunities to improve the combat experience," wrote a spokesperson for The Coalition. "As part of our on-going mechanics updates, we’ve made a few changes to the Gnasher to make the game both more fun and more skillful."

After the patch, the Gnasher's instant-kill distance has been reduced. The damage the shotgun deals upon a direct hit has also been nerfed. This requires players to be closer to enemies to shred them apart. However, the weapon's maximum range has also been increased, allowing players to inflict a small amount of damage at range. The Coalition believes that this change will give players more chances at winning fights against an enemy using a Gnasher. 

If you haven't played Gears 5 yet, we recommend that you give the third-person shooter a shot. The game has been designed beautifully in all areas including, gunplay, story, and exploration. However, several others have felt that the game could have done quite better in story-telling. So, if you're someone who loves to rip apart dangerous aliens and does not require an extraordinary storyline, Gears 5 is for you. 

The game is available on Xbox Game Pass on PC and Xbox One. 

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