The Gayming Awards Set To Be The First Evet LGBTQ+ Video Games Awards Show

There's a new awards show happening next year.
There's a new awards show happening next year. Gray Jones Media

There’s good news coming to the LGBTQ+ community when it comes to video games. Prepare to watch the virtual pink carpet roll out as the Gayming Awards is happening on February 24, 2021. This is also not going to be an indie event alongside the awards with some big names involved. So far, partners for the awards show that have been revealed include, among others, EA Games, Square Enix, Green Man Gaming, Jagex, and Creative Assembly.

The Gayming Awards hopes to celebrate the achievements of the gaming industry and how they have managed to champion the LGBTQ community through the medium of video games. The show is going to be hosted by critically-acclaimed queen comedian Suzi Ruffell.

In a press statement, UKI Country Manager Colin Blackwood revealed that EA is more than happy to be part of “the first ever Gayming Awards.” He went on to say that being “one of the founding partners of the #RaiseTheGame pledge, we’re committed to celebrating diversity and inclusion with the games industry and the Gayming Awards is a great opportunity to do just that.”

For this awards show, all games released in 2020 are eligible and voting is scheduled to take place in November and December. The categories include:

  • Game of the Year
  • Authentic Representation Award
    • Having an authentic representation of the LGBTQ experience is very important especially in the modern entertainment world.
    • The award recognizes the best example of authentic LGBTQ representation in a game.
  • Best LGBTQ Character
    • Having LGBTQ characters in games is important and can be a bold step for visibility.
    • The award recognizes the best LGBTQ character in a game, whether playable or a significant NPC.
  • Best LGBTQ Narrative
    • Being able to tell a genuine LGBTQ story can both be highly impactful and meaningful.
    • The award recognizes the best example of an important LGBTQ narrative in a game.
  • Best LGBTQ Indie Game
    • Indie games generally allow for more personal and diverse stories to be told, but are regularly overlooked when it comes to awards.
    • The award acknowledges the best indie game made by an independent developer which is focused on telling an LGBTQ story, or heavily features an LGBTQ element.
    • For this particular award, “indie game” is defined as a game developed by an independent developer who is an individual or small group that is not owned by another company that makes games.
  • Best LGBTQ Streamer
    • Streaming is all about offering new entertainment frontiers and LGBTQ streamers in particular play a huge role in bringing together communities, especially those of like-minded people.
    • This award is for the most popular LGBTQ streamer and chosen by the watching public.
  • Industry Diversity Award
    • Greater diversity in the games industry means greater diversity in games.
    • The award celebrates the organization that has done a significant amount of work in promoting, developing and championing diversity in their company.
  • Special Recognition Award
    • This award is reserved for a person, team or company who has gone above and beyond in the eyes of the judges to champion LGBTQ representation, inclusion and equality in games in 2020.
  • Gayming Magazine Readers Award
    • The award celebrates Gayming Magazine readers’ favorite game of 2020.

Learn more about this awards show here and maybe even get the chance to nominate who you think deserves the win.

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