Gas Station Simulator: Update #2 Introduces More Performance Optimizations and Improvements

Gas Station Simulator Update # 2
Gas Station Simulator Update # 2 Steam

Gas Station Simulator is a great game, especially for those who are thinking of running their own gas station business. Anyway, developer Drago Entertainment has launched Update #2, which is pretty big. It implements a lot of stability and performance improvements, gameplay changes, and more.

More Stability and Better Performance

If you are playing the game on a beefy PC, then your machine has more than enough processing power to pump up the frames (no pun intended). While running the title on uncapped FPS is good from a numbers standpoint, in reality, it actually does more harm than good. For instance, uncapped frames may lead to higher GPU temperatures, and in some cases, client crashes.

Because of this, the developers have implemented an FPS lock to limit the game’s framerate to 60 FPS by default. Updating to the latest patch will override all framerate settings that you’ve had before.

The devs have also improved performance in Update #2. One way they did that was to remove the dust particles present in the early game once you’ve reached Station Level 4 and above. This may seem like a minor optimization, but a good thing for those playing the game on modest systems. Furthermore, all NPCs have been optimized a bit and should now take fewer PC resources.

Gameplay Changes

The developers once again allow customization of your gas station by painting its walls and roof.

Sorting things out should also be much more improved in the latest update. That is because holding a product and putting it on the shelf will no longer open the product placement menu.

Save Game Improvements

Autosaves now scale up to five. Since the feature is enabled automatically, the newest save file will override the oldest one. Also, the developers have added the new Quicksave and Quickload features, which you can use by pressing F5 and F9, respectively.

Patch Highlights

  • Fixed crashes related to DetachFromActor in Cash Register and Fueling mini-games
  • Ultra Dynamic Sky should no longer update as often which increases performance
  • Employees can now jog to get around faster if they have to cover a longer distance
  • All walls and roofs should again be paintable
  • You should now be able to toggle Sandstorms, Dennis Stealing from Warehouse, and Party Bus from the Gameplay Options menu to turn them off if you don't like any of them
  • 87 Resolution Scale issue has been resolved and the resolution scale should now save properly
  • The animations for no products found on the shelf has been tweaked
  • Quicksave (F5) and Quickload (F9) have been added. These keys can't be currently remapped, but that will come in the next update
  • Added Reset Character button to the in-game menu. When your character gets stuck somewhere, use it to free yourself
  • Steam Cloud Saving is now available

The full patch notes are available on the game’s official Steam page.

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