Newest Event Coming to Gardenscapes is All About Yoga

Time to be healthy.
Time to be healthy. Playrix

Gardenscapes announced that it entered a partnership with none other than the World Health Organization to launch its new Yoga Season event. In this one, the main character Austin gets a letter from the WHO with suggestions on how to stay healthy while in quarantine.

There’s no question that the pandemic has resulted in many of us staying more indoors, which may lead to sedentary lifestyles. That only means being active is becoming more important than ever. This is one of the reasons why the WHO launched what’s known as the #HealthyAtHome challenge. The goal is to make sure that people continue to have a physically active lifestyle and stay happy while maintaining social distancing.

For many, the quarantine also resulted in playing mobile games. Gardenscapes, in particular, revealed that it now has more than 10 million active players daily. After finding out about this program from the WHO, the development team over at Playrix made the decision to support this initiative.

So what’s the event all about? You see in Gardenscapes , spring is considered as one of the best times of the year. Not surprising considering that this is the period when flowers bloom and more of the world becomes greener. It turns out, however, that despite the arrival of warm days, Austin remains fatigued mainly because of the long winter. In a surprise twist, he gets the said letter that has the hashtag #HealthyAtHome and decides to try out yoga. With this new event, players get to decorate a new gazebo while also learning more about asanas.

In a press statement, Playrix Chief Business Development Officer Maxim Kirilenko revealed that they’ve always managed to come up with games that offer feel-good storylines. With this new event, he hopes that players can be inspired to also be active physically even in real life. Kirilenko added that the new event is a good example of how a partnership between the WHO and the gaming industry can help everyone in the real world.

Meanwhile, WHO Manager of Digital Channels Andy Pattison shared that it’s important to include gaming companies when it comes to making sure that people are informed as well as safe. This is especially true in a time of widespread misinformation. He added that being able to engage players through interactive online games can help promote a healthy lifestyle, important in a time of an ongoing pandemic.

What about you? Are you still keeping an active lifestyle?

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