2K's Cloud Chamber Is Expecting Permanent Changes To Work Culture Post Pandemic

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Kelley Gilmore, the studio head for 2K's Cloud Chamber, stated that the studio doesn't envision the return of a five day work week schedule post-pandemic.

In a podcast with USGamer, Gilmore talked about her role at Cloud Chamber, the studio planning to revive the BioShock series.

During the interview, the host brought up the question of how the studio is dealing with the current COVID-19 pandemic, and if the pandemic had any effect on the team's productivity. Gilmore responded to the question saying, "we're all interested to see how this impacts productivity in terms of hitting current deliverables. And I think that's across the industry."

According to Gilmore, 2K made sure that the staff had all the necessary industry-grade equipment to work from home, and the process has been relatively smooth for Cloud Chamber.

"And we've done it," Gilmore added. "It's interesting because everybody is different; there are some people that are thriving working from home and are more productive, and there are other people working from home who have kids... There are people who have a lot on their plate right now."

Despite the current scenario, Cloud Chamber seems to be working smoothly and feeling good about the development of the new BioShock game.

Gilmore went on to say that the result of the work from home experience has been admirable and the industry might permanently change the work culture for the better.

"I think we have shown that we are able to work this way," Gilmore continued. "There are some benefits to everybody being in the same space, for certain functions at certain moments in time. But I don't envision us going back to everybody being in the studio five days a week again -- ever. Because we've been able to show that people can be productive at home."

Gilmore also stated that at this point, everybody has the required technology at home required to do the work. The flexibility seems to allow the studio to take the next leap in permanently changing the work culture.

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