Gamedec Hotfix 1.4.2 Introduces Two New Characters and Bug Fixes

Gamedec Hotfix 1.4.2
Gamedec Hotfix 1.4.2 Steam

Gamedec is a single-player isometric roleplaying game. The players spawn in as a detective, who solves crimes inside virtual worlds. The developers have just released Hotfix 1.4.2 that adds two new characters - Izmael Krostov and Dafne Bennet.

New Characters

Dafne Bennet is the first new character introduced to the Gamedec roster. The developers have stated that she is a good listener, which can help players to solve crimes. Her merits lie in discretion and strength. So, keep that in mind while spending aspect points. Read more about the character here.

The second character introduced to the roster is Izmael Krostov. He is a veteran mariner with vast technical knowledge. His age doesn’t stop him from doing activities for he overflows with energy and great intuition. These stats are important to the character, so make sure to spend the aspect points wisely. Read more about the character here.

Gamedec Hotfix 1.4.2

  • The second dialogue widget layout was added: Dialogue List (visible on a screenshot above)
  • Fixed a misspelled button's name in the tutorial
  • Fixed one of the Options - "Interaction Size" is now properly assigned and less confusing
  • Text scaling options were improved
  • The list in Save Menu was improved – the automatic order of saves was improved
  • Dialogue tooltips were improved
  • Buttons 1, 3, Q, and E are switching tabs in Codex again
  • The double loading of Credits was fixed
  • Mashing the "Save" button won't create multiple saves anymore
  • Issues with the game crashing after attempting to load a save or start a new game were fixed
  • Font in Deduction, Codex, and Professions was improved – it's clearer and works better with scaling options
  • It won't be possible to buy twice the V-Ghost program
  • Some typos and misspelled gender tags and links were fixed
  • Footsteps sounds were fixed
  • New pop-ups about saving the progress were added
Like Father Like Son
  • The voice mail now has some visual feedback when interacting to
  • Valedictorian Achievement will now again appear as it should be
  • Loading an older save shouldn't crash the game in the Theatre anymore
  • The quest with Bob and Rhonda was improved
  • Deduction in the Street was improved
  • The Unicorn won't have a unicorn avatar after becoming a human
  • Bliss's sounds were added
  • The minigame with the floppy disc was fixed
  • Gamedec won't spawn out of the Theatre after reloading a save made in it
  • Gamedec won't go through Rhonda's model anymore
  • Ken won't be able to go into the Theatre with Gamedec anymore

You can read more about the update here.

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